OPINION appears divided among The Press readers over whether the National League North season should continue.

On Monday, The Press published an online poll asking whether readers believed the campaign should continue after news of York City's third instance of coronavirus-related postponements.

Just shy of 800 votes were cast across the options "Yes - the season must be decided", "Yes - I enjoy keeping up with York City", "No - the season cannot be completed, safely, in full", "No - we need a proper chance to say goodbye to Bootham Crescent and usher in a new era at the Community Stadium" and "I don't mind. The Government and National League will decide what's best".

The 795 respondents could select more than one option.

Around 45 per cent of the ballot expressed a desire for the season to continue and around 45 per cent backed its curtailment.

The largest share of the vote went to the option "The season cannot be completed, safely, in full", which received a plurality of 35 per cent. Safety concerns were also prevalent in the article comments.

A quarter of votes said the season must be decided while a fifth of responses prized keeping up with the team's campaign.

Ten per cent of responses promoted the chance for fans to be involved at the changing of grounds and nine per cent of votes indicated few strong feelings either way.

A York City spokesperson told The Press: "We want to play football and we want our fans to be with us watching matches live but, of course, the safety for fans, staff and players is our top priority. 

"If the season ends early then the necessary financial help for clubs must be put in place by the governing bodies or some League football clubs may not recover after nearly a year of heavily reduced income."