TADCASTER Albion manager Paul Quinn believes it is now impossible for their league season to be fully completed.

Tadcaster will be out of action until at least mid-February as part of the latest national lockdown.

Having played just eight games in the Pitching In Northern Premier League north/west division so far, Quinn does not see anyway that 28 games can be played by early May - the scheduled end-of-season.

“It’s frustrating, that’s my over-riding emotion,” said Quinn of Monday’s government announcement.

“This season has been very stop-start, we haven’t been able to get any momentum going and we’ve been planning and then re-planning and re-scheduling.

“I think it’s going to be impossible to finish the season under its current format.

“It’s obviously serious what is going on and there’s a lot bigger things in society to be worried about other than football, so we’ve got to put it in some perspective.

“But, football is people’s identity and is good for their mental health, so it’s concerning. We need some certainty over what is happening because it’s very difficult for everyone to plan - the league, the clubs, everybody - under these current circumstances.”

Before any definitive decisions are made over how to settle the season, Quinn thinks there should quickly be an assurance that the full campaign won’t continue.

“I think that there needs to be some acceptance that this (season) isn’t going to finish under its current guise and that a contingency is put in place,” said the Brewers boss.

“The league and the FA can’t do anything until restrictions are lifted and we don’t even know when that will be.

“I think there needs to be that acceptance that we won’t be able to finish the league season so that we’re not left in that limbo state that we’ve been for most of the season. A decision sooner rather than later on that would be good for everybody.

“We’ve got funding for development work on the ground and I know that the club would be keen for that to start sooner rather than later and if we knew that the league wasn’t going to continue, then we could bring that work forward.”

Quinn says he’s in favour of a split division, either into two or four, based upon regions, which may culminate in a play-off campaign, something reportedly under discussion by the league.

“We’ve only played eight league games, so points-per-game isn’t an option, because we haven’t played enough,” he added.

“I’d like to look into splitting the division into two or four and playing maybe playing each opposition once and then maybe having a play-offs from there.

“I just think if this does go on any longer than February, I don’t see how we finish the season and from there we may be looking at another null and void situation.

“The league and the FA are quite determined not to let that happen again and I don’t envy the people making these decisions.”

He also thinks that extending the current season will bring more difficulties.

Quinn said: “I think at our level for it go beyond May it would be difficult because players would be out of contract and some clubs share their grounds with cricket clubs, so it’d be difficult. From my perspective, it’s about making a decision and getting on with that as soon as possible, whatever that looks like.”