YORK City Knights stand a “really good chance” of promotion to the Betfred Super League, Sky Sports expert Brian Carney believes.

York are one of six Betfred Championship teams who have submitted bids for a spot in the top-flight following Toronto Wolfpack’s withdrawal.

A decision on who will claim the coveted 12th spot is set to be announced next Wednesday (December 16).

Despite the stiff competition, former Great Britain star Carney feels there is plenty going for York in their hope of securing a first-ever spot in Super League.

“Really good,” was Carney’s assessment of the chances of their bid’s success.

“There’s a freshness to it and I think that will appeal to people. I don’t think there’s anybody in a decision-making position in rugby league that doesn’t want the game to grow. Some want it to grow quicker than others.

“I think what York will suggest in their bid is that they offer controlled heartland expansion and they’re not asking for a wild leap into the dark.

“They’re asking you to go to a place where rugby league has a history, but hasn’t had Super League yet and is within touching distance of all the other Super League clubs and of course is in one of the most picturesque parts of the world.

“I think they’ve got a really good chance.”

One of York's central messages in their push for promotion has been the #HeartlandExpansion campaign on social media. The club believe they will appeal to a wide catchment area within North Yorkshire - a county which has never before had a Super League club - though the LNER Community Stadium is still likely to attract plenty of away support from other Yorkshire sides.

Carney said: “I’m fond of going to York and it may now become

the most picturesque place that we play rugby league in, in this country.

“There will be people at other places that will point to beautiful buildings and landmarks but I don’t think anybody can match with York.

“Bootham Crescent has probably let that down a little. It has all of its history, but none of the modern conveniences that you would expect of a modern-day stadium.

“For the city to get this now, it’s the final sporting I dotted and T crossed. It looks fantastic and now you’ve got a first-class stadium to go with a first-class city.

“There are so many different aspects to the bid and it’ll be assessed on a number of different metrics, on-field performance being one and what the Super League and the governing body (the RFL) feel they can bring commercially to the competition as well.

“Part of that is what sort of a destination for rugby league York can become. York, there’s no doubt that they’re going to do it as they’ve suggested it already, will become the weekend destination for rugby league matches. And what a beautiful place to do it.

“Go watch a rugby league game on a Friday and spend Saturday and Sunday in York.

“Whether or not they get into Super League, I think tying up tourism and sporting events seems like an obvious thing to do and York has the facilities to do that with a side that’s just outside the top division but with ambition, with this bid to play in the highest division in Europe."

York are competing against Bradford, Featherstone, Leigh, London and Toulouse for a place in Super League - three of whom have played there before. However, Carney feels such a factor may go in York's favour.

“There’s tough opposition. York have got a few things going in their favour. There’s a freshness to the York bid and I’ve spoken to other people in the game and they feel the same.

“They know that they face stiff competition but there’s a freshness to their bid and an attraction to that region, as you’d expect large followings to travel to watch their side at York."