By Olly Wood

HARRY SHEPPEARD has said that coming back to former club Tadcaster Albion was the "perfect" option.

As a 19-year-old, the promising full-back signed for Sheffield United in 2018 after impressing for Taddy.

Though he featured for the Blades' under-23s, Sheppeard did not turn out for the first team.

Like Romario Vieira - who has also arrived back at Ings Lane after a spell away - he is a graduate of the i2i programme which is linked with York College and the Brewers.

Now back with the Brewers, Sheppeard says the Northern Premier League north/west division side “did a lot to help me progress to the next level”.

That next level, for Harry was a move to the Blades, where he feels he developed a specific part of his game quite significantly.

“I massively improved in my technical ability," he said.

"I knew I had good physical attributes but technically I was behind the rest, coming from part-time to full-time training.

"So, after a few months I was at the best level I could ask for.”

Harry enjoyed his time at Sheffield but is now looking at getting back to playing competitive football week in, week out.

“Life at Sheff was good, completely different to what I was used to," he continued.

"But there was no competitive edge playing (under-)23s level and I did not enjoy it as much because you’re not actually playing for any league or cup.

“My aims are to just get back enjoying playing football and hopefully progressing with my career as best I can.”

Not only did Sheppeard "massively improve" on his game on the pitch during his time at Sheffield, he also benefitted as a character and matured from his first move away from home.

“Moving to Sheff definitely changed me as it was the first time I had moved out so it made me a lot more independent and also made me rely on myself more rather than my parents," he explained.

Having left Sheffield and being injured throughout pre-season Tad was the best option for getting the enjoyment back.

Sheppeard said: “I was unable to go trial at clubs and I lost the enjoyment of football. I wanted to get that back and play competitively, so Taddy was the perfect club to come to.”

The injury itself was “one of the worst" Sheppeard has had, he says, but he had his own methods to focus on getting back to playing.

“I just had to keep motivated and just tell myself I would eventually be back playing, giving myself the best possible chance of returning fitter," he said.

Sheppeard has good memories of his previous time at the club, he said: “My first time at Tad was class - I remember that season getting into the play-off places and going on a great run of form towards the last game of the season when results went our way and we secured play-offs - the fans went mental.

“I remember my debut well. South Shields in front of loads of fans was a bit daunting but we got a 0-0 draw against top of the league and it was a night I won’t forget”.

Sheppeard now hopes he can bring some important qualities to the team.

“I feel as though I bring directness to the team," he said.

"I am always looking to be positive and go forward.

"Also, in one-to-one situations, defensively and offensively, I win my duals and I like to have a battle on the pitch."