TADCASTER Albion manager Paul Quinn has written an open letter to the Government imploring that grassroots football be allowed to continue through the new lockdown.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Saturday evening that a four-week lockdown will be coming into effect from this Thursday, November 5.

'Elite' sports are allowed to continue. Within football, the Premier League, English Football League and - likely - Steps 1 and 2 of non-league will be able to play on through the month, but Step 3 and below are expected to be paused.

Quinn's message - addressed to Oliver Dowden, the Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport - balances the benefits of grassroots sport against its drawbacks from a sportsperson's perspective.

The advantages of playing sport in a controlled environment for physical and mental health, he believes, are greater than the risks of transmission among largely young, healthy individuals.

"There is no definitive evidence to indicate (grassroots football) played outdoors, predominantly among healthy young people, has contributed adversely to Covid-19 infections," the letter reads.

"On the contrary, it is our nation's duty to maintain the physical and mental well-being of all our population.

"With the mixing of households not permitted indoors and social interaction also not permitted post-training or match, the risk of spreading is negligible.

"We believe strongly that football and its governing body have mitigated risk and demonstrated a diligent approach. We would also argue that, with the wider restrictions imposed from Thursday, the game is safer than ever.

"Children and adults across the country have taken to our fields to compete in the nation's game this weekend, providing them with activity and connection during the most challenging time in recent memory.

"We implore the Government to allow grassroots football both at senior (Step 3 and below of the pyramid) and youth level to continue."

As of late Monday morning, the letter had 200 signatures.