YORK RUFC Under-13s have completed a sponsored run of the distance from Clifton Park to Twickenham Stadium.

With a total of 370 kilometres (230 miles) between them, the juniors have raised upwards of £1,000 in their efforts from the home of York RUFC to the home of English rugby union.

The funds were originally going to subsidise a tour to Spain next Easter but coronavirus restrictions mean the squad may put them towards a UK trip or the purchase of post-match kits instead.

"The run has really improved fitness across the squad and has been a welcome variation to the restricted, non-contact, Covid-safe version of rugby that they are allowed to play under present guidelines," commented U13s coach John Atkin.

"Numbers are up this year with a fully inclusive squad of 34 covering all abilities now training twice a week focusing on skills, drills, fitness and fun. It is hoped to restart matches at some point in 2021.

"The experience has been very positive for the boys. Initially they ran relays in sixes but now start the sessions unprompted, passing the ball and doing a minimum of 1km each per session.

"There is a suggestion that they run back again after Christmas, but we'll see."