IN the latest edition of our look back through the archives, here are five football teams from days gone by.

Do you recognise yourself or anyone you know?

Pictured above, February 1970, York City Boys who had ended their season's programme in the Yorkshire Wylie Shield by losing 5-2 at home to Doncaster.

Back, from left: D Jones, S Smith, J Reynolds, K Nixon, P Brown, P Dickinson.

Front: M Simpson, R Wolstenholme, P Bickerdyke, M Croxen, M Fining.

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York Press:

THE YORKSHIRE HERALD SOCCER TEAM 1986: Back: R Ellwood (manager), M Jackson, M Clark, A Whitson, K Ellwood, M Johnson, M Kendrew, R Readman (secretary). Front: I Butler, P Chalk, S Watkinson, J Hegarty and M Corner.

York Press:

YORK YOUTH JUNIOR TEAM 1974: Back: D Hampshire (manager), A Whitehead, C Dale, E Haskias, J Conners, D Littlewood, A Hughes, S Wilson. Front: S Aldors, P Murphy, R King, M Carroll and J Gaughan.

York Press:

YORK YOUTH SENIOR FOOTBALL TEAM 1974: Back: J Whitehead (captain), M Simpson, M Norton, R Halliday, P Howarth, M Buck, C Hart. Front: A Carr, D Cammidge, A Shipley, R Walder, J Shields and P Outerson.

York Press:

YORKSHIRE GENERAL LIFE 1983: Back: D Brewis, A Slater, R Ewbank, P Graham, A Carlton, D Littlewood. Front: J Wigglesworth, C Watson, P Hutton, A Avey, C Bailey, C Hill, R Frost.