YORK City have promised that they are "not going to leave Bootham Crescent without a fantastic send-off."

In a lengthy statement on the club's website encompassing a number of different issues surrounding the club including the impending move to the LNER Community Stadium, the start date of the 2020/21 season and a resolution for current season tickets holders.

Bootham Crescent has been York's home since 1932 and the club are determined to celebrate their move to Monk's Cross, when allowed to do so.

"Rest assured that we are not going to leave Bootham Crescent without a fantastic send-off, whenever that may be," read York's statement.

"Unfortunately, that depends on confirmation regarding when we will relocate to the LNER Community Stadium and government advice regarding social distancing measures.

"Signalling the end of an era, at a stadium which has been in action since 1932, is incredibly important to the club and when we are able, we will celebrate together."

York are "eagerly seeking updates" from The City of York Council and stadium operator GLL over the test events that must first take place before any move.

"We have been made aware from the council that the LNER Community Stadium is almost finished," said York.

"However, in order to gain certificates for health and safety, test events must be carried out.

"The tests events are a number of different scenarios which are played out to ensure that processes and protocols are correct.

"Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 social distancing restrictions, the test events have been put on hold because in some cases they involved a large number of people coming together, inside the building.

"We are eagerly seeking updates from the council and GLL regarding our move to the stadium and new plans for test events."

In an update on the situation regarding the homes being built on the Bootham Crescent site, York said: "Although we cannot leave Bootham Crescent until the new stadium is available to us, that does not stop work with Persimmon Homes progressing to the next stage.

"We hope that the planning application, which is in the joint name of the club and the developer, can be presented to the City of York Council Planning Committee in the very near future.

"It is seeking approval for the scheme that is now proposed, following lengthy consultations and negotiations with all the many parties and council officers involved."

York also confirmed that they will be selling and auctioning memorabilia from Bootham Crescent once relocated to the LNER Community Stadium and that they are "working closely with City of York Council, Historic England and Persimmon to ensure Bootham Crescent’s legacy at the site, after the club has moved."

Elsewhere, in regards to the new season, York are also seeking clarity from the National League. Their 2020/21 campaign is due to get underway on October 3 in the FA Cup, however it has not yet been announced whether crowds will be permitted to enter grounds and, if so, what percentage will be allowed in.

York said: "While the National League has confirmed that the 2020/2021 season will commence on 3rd October 2020 with the FA Cup, the club is actively seeking clarity from the National League regarding fan attendance and the logistical and safety implications of that decision."

The club also offered updates for current season ticket holders who had bought tickets for a truncated season and for those looking to purchase tickets for next term.

On 2019/20 season ticket holders, York said: "Our ultimate aim is to be respectful to those fans who have paid for matches that didn’t take place, while trying our best to salvage the club’s difficult financial position, caused by Covid-19.

"Therefore, in the coming days we will present options for season ticket holders to choose from."

"Unlike other clubs across the football pyramid, YCFC has decided not to put tickets on sale in any capacity until we know more and can give fans more of an idea about what exactly their match day will look like in this new era."

The club also said that they will be releasing an online survey to give fans a chance to "propose new approaches and solutions to the new challenges we face as a club."

The survey will also include a vote for the 2019/20 Clubman of the Year.