JON FLATMAN says that York City Knights have a “real urge” to enter the LNER Community Stadium, but insisted that the due process must first be followed.

The Knights chairman visited the ground along with coach James Ford earlier this month for the first time since lockdown.

He went on to tell Total Rugby League that the stadium was close to practical completion though he outlined to The Press the procedure that needed to take place before the Knights will be playing matches there.

Flatman said: “As it stands, clearly the builders need to hand the building over to GLL and to the Council. Once that building is handed over, the building requires test certificates.

“Those test certificates require numbers of people to be able to use the facilities.

"At this current stage, that isn’t the case.

“We need larger gatherings to be allowed in order for the test certificates to be actioned.

“I know that there are a lot of questions emanating from that and I can’t answer those. They are questions for GLL and the Council.

“But, we’re doing everything we can to ask questions around playing behind closed doors and when we can get in.

“This club and set of players and staff are excited as fans are about getting into that ground.

“We just want that happen and everybody to have access to it as soon as possible.

“These are unprecedented times so we need to respect that, but we’ve also got a real urge to get in there as soon as possible.”

New photos of the Huntington-based ground continue to circulate through social media and Flatman was keen to emphasise the quality of the ground.

He enthused: “It’s a mightily impressive facility, it really is first-class in so many different areas and it’ll be a great experience for fans, for players, for sponsors, for partners and for people who have been on this journey for far longer than I have.

“We do have a stadium which befits where the rugby club wants to be in the future.

“I’m sure that people will be very excited when they get to see it because it is impressive.”