THE York City Supporters' Trust have called for the National League to show "transparency and fairness" in their resolution of the current campaign.

The League's proposal had originally stated that no play-offs in Step Two would be played, due to the Government restricting behind-closed-doors sport to "elite sport" and with King's Lynn Town being the only National League North side to be promoted at the expense of York due to their points-per-game formula.

However, following various calls from MPs against the National League's "elite sport" interpretation, it is now understood that the Government may allow play-off matches in Step Two and that this is on the table for voting.

Clubs have until Tuesday to vote on their League's proposal, which will be without the requested amendment from York to have two sides automatically promoted, shouuld the play-offs not be available to take place.

The York City Supporters' Trust released a statement on the ongoing episode on Saturday afternoon calling for an openness from the League to share its correspondence with the Government.

Their statement read: "The Supporters’ Trust have been closely monitoring developments regarding the National League’s proposed resolution to end the season without completing the playoffs and only promoting one team from the North and South divisions.

"We understand that the football club board have been working around the clock for the past three days to gain support from other National League clubs and put their case to the National League board.

"We thank them for working so hard in the interests of the club and its fans.

"We steadfastly stand behind their proposed amendment that would see two teams promoted from both divisions on a points per game basis.

"The National League board should recognise that all teams entered the competition on the basis that two promotion places were available.

"It is only fair, sporting and equitable to conclude the season on this basis, despite the unprecedented circumstances.

"Any other outcome would call into question the integrity of the competition for many years to come.

"At the time of writing, it seems that the National League board is unlikely to approve York City’s amendment, although we would call on them to carefully consider the full implications.

"We understand that an additional amendment to proceed with the playoffs now hangs in the balance.

"It has been suggested that the Department of Culture Media and Sport (DCMS) has determined that Level 2 of the National League does not constitute ‘elite sport’.

"Questions are now being raised as to whether or not such a determination has been made.

"We call on the National League board or DCMS to publish all relevant correspondence between the two parties.

"In any event, the Government guidelines regarding the return of elite sport clearly state that an elite athlete means ‘an individual who derives a living from competing in a sport’.

"This test would apply to the vast majority of players at National League Level 2, albeit that many derive their living on a part-time basis.

"All senior players at York City Football Club are full-time professional footballers.

"They are no different to players working in the Premiership or English Football League.

"We call on the National League Board to make a swift decision and fulfil their duty to bring the 2019/20 season to a fair conclusion that protects the future integrity of the game."