BRADFORD (Park Avenue)'s director of football believes that a forthcoming vote will see the top two in the National League North promoted - which would see York City go up.

A vote is expected to take place this week among the clubs in the three divisions of the National League to decide the sporting outcomes to its season.

It following on from the decision by the English Football League (EFL) to end their season through a points-per-game (PPG) system, while retaining promotion, relegation and the play-offs, which are to begin next week.

The decision now rests for the National League to decide whether they will follow suit with the EFL.

However, Bradford (Park Avenue) director of football Martin Knight feels that the costs involved in testing players, amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, as well as having to take them off furlough to play the play-off matches is not sustainable for clubs in the sixth tier.

Should PPG be used and two sides go up automatically, York would be promoted to the National League.

Speaking to The Press' sister paper The Telegraph and Argus, Knight said: "I have been speaking to some of the CEO’s in the league about the cost of the play-offs."

"They would have to test their 40 players twice a week for a month and it is £125 a test.

"The cost for one team to participate in the play-offs is about £50,000 to £70,000, on top of their wage bill.

"Whether you have got four chairmen who are willing to spend that money on the possibility of getting promoted through a play-off system, I personally doesn’t see that happening at our level.

"I think the votes will go PPG with two up automatically. That would be the correct sporting result and financial result."