YORK Junior Chess Club’s Under-18s side have finished third in an international online tournament during lockdown.

The team, which was set up by Ewan Miller, Ben Rich and James Meredith, have been competing in a weekly competition series, resulting in great success.

York finished the 10-match series in third position, defeating teams from Germany, Peru, Chile and Greece as well as the Turkey U16s among many teams from other countries.

Given the lockdown measures currently in place, face-to-face chess matches and coaching is no longer available, meaning that the tournament took place on the online chess platform lichess.org.

From the ten events, York Chessnuts scored 680 points - the third most of any club team in the tournament.

A spokesperson from York Junior Chess Club said: “Chess has been a sport that has thrived during COVID-19 restrictions, with many opportunities to play.

“York Junior Chess have some very talented players coming through the ranks to be excited about,” they added.

The players who took part are as follows: Max Parkhouse, Tom Werner, Bradley Triffitt, Aaron Rich, Andy Carden, Japhet Cashdan, Sai Kumaar, Daniel Meredith, Josh Burland, Beth Ravillious, Grace Meyers, Jamie and Toby Clarke, Kai Taylor, Noah Smee-Brown and Angelica Rowe.