YORK City Knights forward Danny Washbrook says that his 380-mile cycling challenge gave him plenty of purpose and focus during lockdown.

Washbrook set out to cycle 10 miles every day for 38 days on his static bike in his garden back in April following the cancellation of the Tour de Yorkshire, which fell victim to the coronavirus pandemic.

Starting on April 20 and finishing on May 27, the veteran raised over £2,300 for the NHS Charities Together and the Dove House Hospice in Hull.

Having being placed on furlough from his day job and with the Knights' Betfred Championship season suspended, the challenge gave Washbrook a purpose during the lockdown.

“I enjoyed it - it gave me something to look forward to everyday,” reflected the two-time Challenge Cup winning back-rower.

“In lockdown, it can get a little boring and tedious because, for the most of it, you couldn’t go anywhere or see anybody.

"It gave me something to focus on and do every day.

“It made it worthwhile for me to get up early rather than being lazy and staying in bed all day.

“Physically, I feel pretty good. Being on the bike everyday has helped and we’ve had equipment sent over by the club to help with the rugby side of things.

"Between those two, I’ve been keeping in shape.”

And though he is having a rest from the bike, Washbrook remains training for a return to the field, whenever that may be.

“I’m still doing my normal fitness training for rugby,” he added

“Those 10 miles every day did help my fitness, but I’ll have a little bit of a rest from that for a short time.

“I still want to be getting out and trying to do as much as possible."