YORK City Knights team manager Will Leatt has side that the club are trying to make the best of the unprecedented circumstances they find themselves in when it comes to their training.

Sport throughout the country has come to a standstill as a result of the global coronavirus pandemic.

Rugby league has been suspended indefinitely, with no date set for a potential return as of yet.

“I think that we’re all in the same boat at the moment,” said Leatt.

“Every sport and every organisation has to put their safety first and follow the guidelines.

“With the season and training suspended, you just have to take what’s happening on the chin and do what’s right for yourself, your family and other people.

“We’ve got a system that tracks your running, your cycling and your work-outs, and there’s one for the players to join, where they can post work-outs in.

“I think we’re working out what works best for everybody at the moment.

“Mark Helme, our strength and conditioning coach, is trying to support the players as best as he can with the equipment that they’ve got and the facilities that they can use.

“It is difficult for everybody. Hopefully this situation is a once in a lifetime occurrence and something that we won’t have to go through again.

“But, given that this is the situation that we’re in now, there’s nothing that’s come before this that we can call upon. There is no advice or guidance or experience that we can take from anywhere else.

“There is no guide to say ‘when all of your matches are postponed midway through the season, this is what you do to keep your players fit.’ We’ll just continue to do the best that we can under the circumstances, while staying safe.”