CLUBS in the three divisions of the National League - including York City - have been asked by the league's board to vote in favour of ending the season.

Should this vote pass, clubs will then determine the outcomes of the season, with York hopeful that they will be promoted given their position at the top of the National League League North table.

A statement by the National League Board said: “The Board’s resolution is that the playing seasons for the National League, National League North and National League South shall immediately end for all fixtures scheduled up to and including April 25. The Board recommends clubs vote for this resolution.

“If that resolution is passed, and the remaining ‘normal season’ league matches are cancelled, the league will then immediately proceed with a poll of North and South clubs to determine the outcomes of the season across those divisions.

“This will be followed by a vote to determine the outcomes of the season in the National Division.”

All 24 clubs in the National Division will have a vote, but the National League North and South only have four votes per league (32 overall). Should the vote end equally, the league's chairman will be given the casting vote.

Elsewhere, it was confirmed that York will receive just under £14,000 from the recent pay-out by the Premier League.

The National League statement added added: “£2m of funds have been received from the Premier League, which is money brought forward from the 2020/21 season. This money will be distributed next week as an advance payment to clubs.

“The amount for National Division clubs is £58,333 and the amount for North and South clubs is £13,636.”