SELBY Town are one of over 100 non-league clubs to have signed an open letter to the Football Association, calling for the governing body to "urgently" reconsider its decision to expunge the season.

Last week, the FA announced that all football division in England below the sixth tier would end immediately, with no promotions or relegations taking place throughout the football pyramid.

Sport throughout the country has been put on hold as the country looks to combat the spread of the coronavirus through the prevention of mass gatherings.

At the time in which the season was put on hold, Selby sat third in the Toolstation Northern Counties East League division one table with 13 league games still scheduled to be played.

The Robins were on 56 points, just three points behind division leaders Winterton Rangers who had played two more matches than Town.

Selby also had the best goal difference in the division.

The letter read: "Our concern is grounded primarily in the needless and inexplicable haste exercised in reaching the decision, coupled with a total lack of substantive dialogue or consultation with affected clubs.

"The decision also disregards the millions of pounds invested and countless hours expended collectively by clubs, and so has critical financial implications.

"In writing this joint letter, we recognise that the decision to expunge results for the 2019-20 season still pends official ratification from the FA Council.

"However, we believe it is unacceptable that such a decision has been handed down to us in this manner.

"We urgently seek constructive dialogue with the FA with the aim to have the decision reconsidered."

"Most clubs in steps three to six have now completed 70-80 per cent of their league fixtures, and it is incomprehensible that these results should be delegitimised and expunged on the basis that the final quarter of the season cannot be fulfilled in the future.

"Simply put, there is no valid basis to expunge an entire season, especially at this stage."

"The consensus that we have reached is to take a similar stance to what the Premier League aims to do – wait several weeks to see how the public health situation unfolds before deciding next steps.

"This is sensible in circumstances where it is by no means certain that we will even be able to start next season in a timely fashion.

"Among the options for serious consideration should be deciding final positions on a Points Per Game (PPG) basis, which unlike expunging the season, is rooted in the results of fair and meritocratic competition, and bears reflection of the hard work that clubs across the country have poured in this season."

In a statement on the Selby website released on Saturday, Town manager Christian Fox said: “Over the last few weeks the Coronavirus has reminded us all that health and family are everything.

“It has also reminded me personally of how important football is in my life.

“Football has the power to bring people and communities together and I’m sure when things return to normal – whatever normal will be by then – we will all be ready to enjoy the beautiful game once more, down at Selby Town FC.

“I can’t continue without commenting on the FA’s decision to declare the 2019/20 season null and void at our level.

“I am gutted that we have lost a season where everyone involved with the club worked so hard to put us in such a great position with 13 games remaining.

“My preference would have been for a sustained suspension of the current season which would be continued once we were able to.

“That would of seemed fair and reasonable to me.

“I don’t get why the FA had to make a decision now.

“The decision has been made now though so we have to accept it and act upon it.

“We don’t know when the 2020/21 season will begin but we are already looking forward to welcoming our amazing fans back down to The Fairfax.

“I also hope that all of the clubs in the non-league divisions have the funds, volunteers and enthusiasm to come back from this crisis as it would be a shame to lose any club.

“I want to take this opportunity to thank all of the players and coaching staff at Selby Town FC last season.

“We had some brilliant footballers and it is our intention to keep the squad together and add a few more quality players to have another go next season.

“We are more determined than ever to achieve what we set out to do three years ago.

“I want to personally thank the fans for their incredible support.

“When we came in three years ago the club was struggling to get 100 fans each week.

“We are now seeing regular home crowds of 400-500 supporters and often take more away fans than the home teams have.

“I am really hoping that crowds continue to grow and we can carry on building a club we are all proud of.

“Each and every fan is appreciated by everyone at the club so let’s see if we can get average gates up beyond 500 supporters next season.

“I also want to thank the volunteers and committee for the unbelievable work and time that they put into the running of the club.

“I know every club has volunteers which enable them to continue but I believe we have some very special people down at Selby Town FC and I’m honoured to be part of the team.

“A final and massive THANK YOU from me must go to all of the amazing key workers, especially the NHS in this country.

“In the meantime, please continue to follow the Government’s advice and stay home as much as you possibly can.

“Thank you again for your continued support and I wish all of you the very best of health.

“Stay safe and take care.”

Elsewhere, the club have set up a JustGiving page in which supporters can donate to the club during its current period of uncertainty.

Their appeal said: “Sadly the announcement has been made that the rest of the 2019/20 season has been cancelled and all results void.

“This has left us in a position in which for the best part of four months we will have no income.

“As a football club run completely by volunteers which relies on gate receipts to survive, this will put unprecedented financial strain upon the club as bills still need to be paid.

“Any support you can provide would be a big help in ensuring we not only survive but come out of this mess in a reasonable state ready for the new season."

To donate to the cause, visit: