JAMES FORD believes that the decision-making of his York City Knights side is in need of improvement after another stuttering attacking display at Halifax.

York were beaten 28-4 at the Shay at the weekend, falling to their third successive defeat in the Betfred Championship - the first time the Knights have lost three league games in succession in a single season since 2017.

The Knights have scored just 14 points in their three league games so far and Ford feels that enhancing their decisions in attacks is pivotal to arresting their form.

“I didn’t see that performance coming," said the Knights head coach. "I thought that we were a lot stiffer than that defensively and I thought that we normally run a lot harder than that.

“But, there were three or four decent opportunities that we didn’t take and if we had have taken then the game’s in the balance, if not, we’re in front.

“Against a good side like Halifax you can’t afford to miss those opportunities.

"You can’t afford to not ground the ball or get held up over the line.

“Having said that I think that we need to do more work with our edges because some of the options that we’re selecting aren’t the right ones.

“We plan to select certain things and, for whatever reason, whether they’re under pressure (or) fatigue, it’s a little bit chaotic around them and we’re selecting different options.

"It’s just not good enough.

"I thought that we were really poor with the ball. We had two (half-backs) out there and we’ve got some work to do with them.

"I’m not sure why they’re selecting some of the options that they are selecting.

“Obviously your decision making separates the outstanding from the good and we need to do some more work on our decision making."