EIGHTY-FOUR players will be competing for 22 trophies at this year's York & District Table Tennis Closed Championships.

The competition is to be held at the York RI Gymnasium tomorrow and Sunday, February 1 and 2.

In the Men's Singles, 10-time champion Martin Lowe (Coneysthorpe) is the top seed, with this season’s York Open champion Jason Tang (University) second.

In the Ladies’ Singles the top seed is 15-year-old holder Moke Warburton (Coneysthorpe).

Seed one is placed into the top half of the draw, with seed two placed in the bottom half. Seeds three and four, five and six and seven and eight are drawn into each half.

Full events and seedings:

Men’s Singles (holder Jason Tang): 1 Martin Lowe, 2 Jason Tang, 3 Aidan Ranftler, 4 Filip Wojtkowiak, 5 James Atkins, 6 Ashley Hodgson, 7 Jon Wooldridge, 8 Jacob McCarthy.

Ladies' Singles (Moke Warburton): 1 Moke Warburton, 2 Andrea Potter.

Men's Doubles (James Atkins / Will Whattam): 1 James Atkins / Will Whattam, 2 Calum Goodwin / Martin Lowe, 3 Nathan Taylor / Jon Wooldridge, 4 Nathan Horsley / Richard Moss.

Ladies' Doubles (Cathy Garnsworthy / Moke Warburton): 1 Mia Longman / Moke Warburton.

Mixed Doubles (Moke Warburton / Martin Lowe): 1 Moke Warburton / Martin Lowe, 2 Naomi Edwards / Ashley Hodgson.

Cadet Singles (Sam Lowe): 1 Sam Lowe, 2 Josh Bramley.

Junior Singles (Sammy Kelly): 1 Sammy Kelly, 2 Arthur Sorley, 3 Will Whattam.

Junior Doubles (Sam Lowe / Arthur Sorely): No seedings.

Veterans' Singles (Martin Lowe): 1 Martin Lowe, 2 Jon Wooldridge, 3 Phil Bell, 4 John Farmery.

Veterans' Doubles (Richard Crowther / Jon Wooldridge): 1 Richard Crowther / Jon Wooldridge, 2 John Farmery / Martin Hood.

Super-Veterans' Singles (John Farmery): 1 John Farmery, 2 Andy Fletcher, 3 Richard Abrahams, 4 Alfie Potter.

Division one Singles (Joe Wright): 1 Jason Tang, 2 Aidan Ranftler, 3 Filip Wojtkowiak, 4 James Atkins.

Division two Singles (Stephen Temple): 1 Alfie Potter, 2 Josh Bramley, 3 Michael Connolly, 4 Jack Bramley.

Division three Singles (Sam Crutchley): 1 Gary Tranter, 2 Lewis Harrison, 3 Patrick Clay, 4 Hugo Spark.

Division four Singles (Ian Oxborough): 1 Tony Fairburn, 2 Russ Broadbent, 3 Leszek Kozak, 4 Clive Pottage.

Hard Bat Singles (Filip Wojtkowiak): None.

Hard Bat doubles (Doug Muirhead / Filip Wojtkowiak): None.

Mixed Plate (Tom Thorp): None.

Handicap Singles (Adam Ridley): None.

Handicap Doubles (Steve Cameron / Mark Hodgson): None.