STADIUM development director Ian McAndrew has said York City will look into the possibility of allowing unallocated seating in the Community Stadium's equivalent of the David Longhurst Stand.

At the fans' forum on Wednesday night, there was overwhelming support for a stand in which fans could locate themselves as they wish, as opposed to being assigned a seat by the online ticketing system.

The club want supporters to use the web-based purchasing scheme for Community Stadium ticket sales, for which it has advantages such as in purchasing seats long in advance.

But the main bone of contention was that each would come with a printed seat number - as required by the ticketing company - and therefore restrict the movement of fans who prefer the freedom of choice in the Shippo End.

After originally suggesting that the ticket number would preclude freedom of movement in the South Stand, McAndrew accepted that fans could move as they please, unless the end were sold out. Sporting director Dave Penney added that someone who deliberately selected row A seat 1 would be entitled to take up that seat - unless fans were happy for the South Stand to be completely without reservations.

"If you're prepared to accept that as supporters, then yeah," Penney said. "It could be one block, two blocks or the whole stand."

"When you get a ticket it's got a seat number allocated," McAndrew had said at first. "You can't sell a ticket that doesn't have a number on it."

But after a discussion, he asked: "What you want us to say to everybody is that you can't book a specific seat in the South Stand?" to which attendees shouted their approval.

"We will have to put it to the ticketing system and we will get back to you," McAndrew responded.

"We hadn't thought of that as a plan, if I'm honest with you," he conceded.

"The ticketing system runs through the stadium management company but we will question it and respond."