NEW Earswick Eagles suffered a 115-54 defeat to Thornaby in the Yorkshire Over-55s League.

At home, Stuart Moore, Terry McGlennon, Paul Waddington and Gary Stockton had a very tight game against G. Walmer, M. Menty, G. Fordy and J. Dickinson.

The scores were tied on seven occasions, and there were never more than two shots between the two teams as they went into the last end at 17-17 - only for Thornaby to score a three to win 20-17.

Joe Barker, Dave Furness, Peter Shilleto and Barrie Shipley found themselves 12-0 down after five ends against T. Herrington, F. Crocker, R. Woolvem and W. Peirson . The two rinks then matched each other for the rest of the game with Thornaby going on to win 26-17.

Over at Thornaby, both rinks struggled to get into their stride.

David Turner, Steve Scaife, Dave Hutchinson and Nigel Steels went from being only one shot behind at 5-4 after four ends to trail 17-4 after losing the next six ends against B. Evans, J. Shaws, B. Young and I. Marshall. They then picked up three consecutive twos to pull the score back to 17-10 but only scored one more single at the last eight ends to go down 27-11.

John Palfrey, B. Watson, Peter Lee and Alan Shearer were just one shot behind their opponents A. Cross, V. Thwaites, J. Dickinson and D. Fairbairn, at 8-7, after nine ends - but they were hit by a landslide, dropping an eight, a six, a five and two fours while only scoring two singles at the last 12 ends to go down 42-9.

New Earswick Falcons enjoyed a 109-52 win over North Cave Yellow.

Dave Clayden, Paul Murray, Graham Lockwood and Ralph Tiplady scored consecutive fives to lead 13-3 after five ends against B. Robinson, P. Thorne, W. Storey and D. Robson.

Cave won the next three ends to pull the score back to 13-7 but the Falcons dominated the rest of the game, allowing Cave only two more singles on the way to a 29-9 win.

Dave Imeson, Bill Nuckey, Dick Osguthorpe and Mick Head flew out of the blocks with a six and three fours to lead 21-2 after seven ends.

Cave then scored a three but the Falcons only allowed them three more singles while continuing to score quite heavily themselves on the way to a 41-9 victory.

At North Cave, John Harrison, Brian Birch, Barry Johnson and Kevin Liddell came from to level the scores at 10-10 after nine ends against A. Rodgers, R. Thornham, J. Crabb and K. Dibble.

Cave hit back with a three, but the Falcons only allowed them three more shots at the last 11 ends on the way to a 23-16 win.

Dave Furness, Bob Elliot, Eric Cookson and Bill Waldie started with threes at the first two ends but lost the next eight ends to go 13-6 behind to A. Marshall, M. Halliday, T. Taylor and D. Boyd. They won the next four ends to level the scores at 13-13 before Cave took the next two ends to lead 16-13, but the Falcons hit them with a six, a seven and a couple of singles to win 26-18.

New Earswick Ospreys went down 87-69 to Leeds 'B'.

Gordon Johnson, Stuart Moore, Dave Hutchinson and Vic Thompson were always behind against D. Howard, T. McAllister, M. Smith & M. Hargreaves, but a four and a single left them only one shot behind at 14-13 with four ends to play. However, a five at the 19th and two singles saw them go down 14-21.

Phil Whitehead, Ian Carr, Alwyn Anderson and Bob Barrett got off to a good start and led F. Tatterton, R. Gowan, P. Holleran and G. Ritson 12-1 after five ends. The two sides then matched each other for the rest of the game with the Ospreys winning 23-13.

At Leeds, Vic Reed, Dave Counter, Steve Connolly and Colin Ellis only scored at one of the first seven ends to trail M. Bartlett, K. Clampton, A. Potter and P. Linley 11-3. They then pulled back to within three shots after 13 ends but only picked up one more single on the way to a 24-11 defeat.

Gordon Fratson, Dave Turner, Doug Carr and John Taylor only scored at five of the first 15 ends against K. Collins, G. Jefferies, A. Huan and K. Stockill but were not out of the match, only four shots adrift at 18-14 with six ends to play - but then dropped a six and a four to go down 29-19.