GEORGE DAVEY will be aiming to showcase the “constant improvements” in his game when he returns to the ring on Saturday night.

The York super welterweight competes in a four-round contest, against an as yet unnamed opponent, at the Arena Birmingham this weekend on a card televised on BT Sport.

Davey kicked off his professional career with a dominant points win over Lithuania’s Zygimantas Butkevicius at the First Direct Arena in Leeds back in October.

Having only been a professional since last month, the 22-year-old is still young in his career but thinks that he can already see improvements in his game - something he’s looking to make evident come fight night.

“I feel like all aspects of my game are improving; my fitness, my sparring, my padwork,” said Davey.

“This fight is another step in my professional journey and I feel like I’m making good progression.

“I’ve watched my professional debut back and we’ll be looking to work on a few things from that heading into this fight.

“I’ve said it before, but you’re always going to make mistakes and for me, it’s about learning from those and getting better with every fight.

“I do feel like I’m getting better as a fighter. I see boxing as a marathon and not a sprint, so the progressions are coming slowly.

“Sometimes, I don’t realise I’m improving, but you do get better every day in gym. Even if you are only gaining small percentages, you’re always getting better.

“I’m constantly in the gym. Whether that’s morning sessions or late evening sessions, we’re constantly practising the same techniques so that I am gaining those good habits and it comes naturally to my boxing.

“I feel like I’m improving and so does Henry (Wharton, trainer), so I think that we’re on the right track.”

Davey, who stands at 5ft 11in, is predominantly a back-foot fighter who looks to catch his opponents off guard with his rangy counter shots.

Though in his early career, as against Butkevicius, he’s likely to come up against more defensive minded fighters who will aim to steer clear of his advances rather than force the issue.

“I think as a fighter you need to be able to fight in different ways, whether that’s on the back foot or the front foot,” he said.

“I’m working hard to try and master both ways of boxing.

“In my sparring I’m coming up against lots of different types of opponents who all have their own way of boxing and sometimes those replicate the style of the next opponent.

“In my last fight, I was in against an opponent who was on the back foot so it would have good to be in against someone who is going to walk forward and get into a proper fight.

“I think generally, I enjoy the professional style. It is similar to the amateur style, with the main difference being the longer rounds, so you do have to pace yourself during the fight.

“You have to conserve your energy for those later rounds and I’ve been looking to increase my stamina during the camp.

“You’re still boxing at a fast tempo but not as fast as you would do in the amateurs.

“You have to be sharper and the long rounds mean that your concentration does have to be very high throughout.

“I’m really enjoying the transition.”