BOXER Cam Shaw has rated his latest professional victory as a “9/10 performance” though insisted that there is still room for improvement.

Shaw moved his record to three wins from as many professional fights with a 39-37 points decision over Ricky Leach at Hull’s Bonus Arena at the weekend.

It was a classy display by Shaw who reeled off plenty of combinations with only a call for low blows preventing him taking a wider margin of victory.

“I’m absolutely ecstatic with the win,” he reflected after the fight. “I’ve moved to 3-0 now and I thought that I boxed really well out there.

"I thought the boxed well and that I handled the pressure quite well too.

“I think, discarding the low blows, I thought it was a 9/10 performance.

“There is always still things to work on, but I thought that I boxed to instruction and that I punished him when I could.

“This was a massive show, with an English title at the top of the bill and here at a fantastic arena in Hull.”

On the low blows, which cost him a point in round three, Shaw said: “I got warned for the low blows before that - I didn’t think that they were low, but it is what it is.

“I only think that a couple of them were low and I thought that the referee’s call was a little harsh.

“For me, I think the important thing is that I did think that I’d hurt him a couple of times early in the fight, especially in the first and second rounds.

“I was belting him with shots to the body and his right-hand-side was going all red. I was looking to get him out there ideally, but he was a tough kid and he took the shots well.

“That hand-speed is something that I have been working on. I’ve been looking at getting those combinations off and then quickly moving.

“The main things that we’ve been working on is working in threes and fours instead of the one-twos. I’m here to try and be in entertaining fights and I felt that I did well in that tonight.

“He did catch me a few times late in the fight but I don’t think that he caught me cleanly at all to be honest. There was nothing there that stung me or wobbled me.

“If anything he was flailing and he was doing it as a defensive move, he wasn’t trying to attack or put the pressure on.”

In the build up to the bout, Shaw had been invited for sparring with the unbeaten Commonwealth bantamweight champion Lee McGregor ahead of his fight next month.

It is training that Shaw felt the benefits of in his display against Leach.

“Meaning no disrespect to my opponents, these fights feel like sparring sessions really,” he said.

“I’ve been in some really good sparring lately, particularly with Lee McGregor.

“Then to go in fighting opponents that I’m boxing, I feel like I’m learning the lessons from those spars.

“I’ve been asked by the coaches of McGregor to spar him in preparation for his Commonwealth title defence because of my style and my movement. It’s all good exposure and experience.

“It was a great spar. He’s fighting soon in Scotland, defending his Commonwealth title and fighting for the British too, so best of luck to him for that.”

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