CAM SHAW’S trainer Billy Dawson believes the prospect’s journey to titles will take time but insists that he’s getting better with every fight.

The York fighter moved his professional record to two wins from as many contests in Doncaster earlier this month when he won a 39-37 points decision over Bradford’s Jake Pollard.

And, Shaw is back in action again this weekend when he competes in another four-round bout at the Bonus Arena in Hull.

Keeping active will be key to Shaw’s development as a professional fight, his trainer Dawson thinks.

“It’s quite a quick turnaround for Cam to be boxing on the show in Hull,” said Dawson.

“I’ve got another fighter on that show myself and I thought to myself, ‘why not get Cam on the show?’

“I made a few phone calls and managed to sneak Cam onto the show. It’s another chance for him to be out in the month of October and to keep busy.

“He’ll be up against a different style of an opponent which will present a different challenge for him.

“When you dedicate your life to this sport, you need to be boxing regularly rather than boxing only three or four times a year, which isn’t ideal.

“I want to keep Cam as active as possible as I believe that is the best way that he will improve as a fighter.

“He’s already in shape physically, so it’s not going to be a case of getting him fight-fit.

"I think we’ll be looking to bring his weight down for the next fight. I think that’s quite important.

“He boxed at 9st 3lbs (129lbs) in his last fight whereas I want him to be boxing at around the 9st mark (126lbs).”

Shaw has only been a professional fighter since July after an amateur career which included reaching multiple international Box Cup finals and winning a pair of Yorkshire titles.

Hull-based coach Dawson says he’s been pleased with Shaw’s transition to the paid ranks.

“I think Cam's progression from being an amateur to now being a professional has been a good one,” reflected Dawson.

“I have to be hard on Cam to bring the best out of him as a boxer.

"I felt like there were times in his last fight where he’d land a good punch but then he’d admire his work a little, which I didn't want him to do.

“I want him to be more aggressive, but, at the same time, I don’t want him to be reckless either. It’s all about finding that happy balance.

“Me and Cam haven’t even been working together for a year yet, we’ve only been working together for about seven or eight months.

“This isn’t going to be an overnight success. It is going to take time. This is a journey that we are both on together.

“I believe that Cam's going to get better with every fight and hopefully he can go on and do some good things in this sport.”

Tickets are priced at £35 and can be purchased directly from Shaw at: 07879 733166.