THREE Muay Thai fighters representing the Legions gym have returned from Australia after competing in a major show down under.

The three mixed martial artists - Eddie Clarke, Steve Coupland and Lewis Smith - were representing the York gym, which is based in Clifton Moor, at the Aggression 9 show in Logan.

Two of the three fighters came back to York with victories to their names, with Clarke winning his bout by technical knockout while Coupland’s points victory saw him win the Aggression Commonwealth title.

Unfortunately, Smith lost his fight on the judges’ scorecards, however all three fighters made such an impression that they have been called back for more bouts in the near future.

First up was Clarke who faced Curtis Wilson of the Bloodshed Gym at 63kg. Clarke usually fights in kickboxing but turned his hand to Muay Thai for the first time for this fight.

Clarke made a rapid start to the fight as he showcased his boxing ability and his threat with his knees in the first round.

He forced Wilson into a standing eight count in the opening section too and although the Australian survived that round, he didn’t last long in the second, with the referee waving off the contest.

It’s the first time that Clarke was won abroad via a stoppage.

Coupland was next up on the bill, coming up against Shane Hoogstraten, of the Karma Gym, at 69.5kg.

The awkward rangy style of Hoogstraten proved difficult for Coupland to combat in the first couple of rounds.

By the third though, with the words of corner ringing in his ears, Coupland regrouped to begin closing the distance and landing some right kicks in the third.

In the fourth, Hoogstraten was cut from Coupland’s elbow and as the bout entered its final section, the York fighter came on strongly against his visibly tiring opponent

Coupland took a unanimous decision from the judges and lifted the Aggression Commonwealth title as a result.

Last on the bill to represent Legions was Smith who returned to the ring for his first fight in over a year-and-a-half against Snake Pit Gym’s Torin O’Brien.

The southpaw stance of O’Brien was a tough challenge to Smith to overcome, as the Australian landed with left kicks and generally outworking the York man.

Smith can take some consolation as he remained competitive throughout the fight but O’Brian was a deserved winner as the decision went to the cards.

Dave Phillips, the Muay Thai coach at Legions gym, said that he was proud of the efforts of all of his team.

“All three of them did the gym and the city proud by coming all this way and fighting like they did,” Phillips said.

“We made an impression on the promoter and fans as we have been asked to come back soon.

“All the boys trained so hard for these fights and I’m proud of them.

“I’d also like to thank the gym’s sponsor SAY Scaffolding as without them, Legions gym wouldn’t be the force it is today.”