DANIEL PARSLOW has praised those that helped support his benefit match and an “incredible night that I’ll never forget”.

Long-serving York defender Parslow, pictured, held his benefit game at Bootham Crescent on Wednesday night featuring a ‘Parslow All Stars XI’ and a ‘Wembley Twice XI', which celebrated the side which won promotion and the FA Trophy in 2012.

The Parslow All Stars won 7-4 on a good-spirited night which saw Richard Pacquette score a hat-trick, former manager Gary Mills come on at right-back and striker Jon Parkin play in goal.

The money from the match goes to funds for Parslow’s benefit year and the brain injury charity Headway, with Parslow having been forced into an early retirement after suffering a concussion in February.

And the three-time York clubman of the year was keen to hail the fans, organising team, players and backroom staff for making the event possible.

“It was absolutely worth all of the planning and preparation in the end,” said Parslow.

“To get everyone together for one last time is absolutely incredible. The night turned out to be beyond my wildest dreams really.

“I just want to thank every single fan who turned up for the game, every player who came out and played and the managers too. It was an amazing night for myself and my family.

“It was a slightly strange one being surrounded by my former team-mates from over the years - in a good way," he joked.

“Once you’re in that dressing room together, all of those memories and feelings just come flooding back.

“All of highs, particularly in 2012, and all of those fantastic memories that we’ve been able to share together. It was incredible and it’s a night that I’ll never forget.”

Parslow was brought onto the field to a guard of honour and started the game, though played just six minutes.

He believes the chance to play at Bootham Crescent for one final time brought some closure to the end of his footballing career.

“The decision for me to start the game was a last-minute arrangement really,” Parslow explained.

“In all honesty, I shouldn’t have been out there, but I wanted a little bit of closure more than anything really.

“Obviously I picked up the injury in February and I never had the chance to say bye to the people that have helped me throughout my career.

“I never knew that that game in February was going to be the last time that I was going to play for York City. It was nice to get on the pitch and get the boots back on for one last time.

“I think I did get a bit of closure from the game. I’ve had lots to keep myself busy since I’ve stopped playing football.

“I think being out there with the boots once again and being surrounded by all of my ex-team mates was a great way for me to end.

“This isn’t something that many players get to experience. These occasions within football don’t happen very often.

“I’m very fortunate that all of the lads put in so much hard work, time and effort to make it to the game.

“Many of them made long journeys to be here tonight. I’m incredibly grateful.”

Fans of York came out in their numbers to support Parslow. The attendance for the match was 1,022, higher than the average number of those watching National League North sides.

“I can’t say enough about the crowd,” enthused Parslow. “The turnout was immense.”

“Like I said earlier, I’d just like to thank each and every one of them for turning out in the numbers that they did and for showing their gratitude for my service to the football club.

“I hope that I’ve given them many highs along the way. They all get a huge thank you from me.”