DANIEL PARSLOW says he is 'humbled' by the support received from York fans as he prepares for next week's benefit game.

Long-serving defender Parslow was forced into an early retirement due to a concussion suffered in February.

But, he could return to the field for one final time at Bootham Crescent in a game between 'Wembley Twice 2012' and an 'All Stars' team on next Wednesday evening (7.30pm).

“There’s not long to go now until the game and all the preparations are falling into place," said Parslow.

"All the players are all confirming that they are able to make it. I’m arranging everything from football kits to catering.

"It’s pretty exciting and I just hope that the fans enjoy the evening.

“It's an enjoyable process. It’s so humbling that I’ve got an organising team who’ve given up so much of their own time to help put on the event.

"The team don’t have to do it. I think it’s their way of showing their support of me playing for the club for such a long time."