YORK boxer Michael Fafera has set out his next professional contest, less than a fortnight after securing his fifth straight win.

Fafera moved his record to 5-0 after winning a 40-37 points verdict over the former Central Area champion Darryl Sharp at the Elland Road Pavilion on September 6.

Next up for the 24-year-old is another bout at the Pavilion as part of manager Mark Bateson’s annual dinner show at the venue on Friday November 22.

Fafera will compete in a four-round contest once again, and it's understood that it's scheduled to be his last four-rounder and his last fight of the year before moving on to six-round fights in 2020.

Titled ‘The Unstoppables’, the event will see former world champion and Hall of Famer Joe Calzaghe in attendance as the guest of honour.

The comedian Jed Stone and singer Jason Taylor will also be performing at the show which has a dress code of either a black tie or lounge suit.

Leeds prospects Jack Bateson, Luke Kelly and Mick Learmonth are the other fighters on the card as well as the former bare knuckle boxer Ben Croft who makes his professional debut.

“I can’t wait to get back out on November 22nd, at the Bateson Promotions annual dinner show,” said Fafera.

“Tickets are going from £85 to £105 each. I know that it's quite expensive, but you can get dressed up for the night and you get a three-course meal.

“There's going to be a singer and a comedian there too, so it's going to be a great night.

“It's a show that's one not to miss, and you can get your tickets directly from myself.

“It's not just me on the show, there's Jack Bateson, Mick Learmonth, Ben Croft's making his professional debut and Luke Kelly too. There's some good talent on there.”

Doors open at 6pm and boxing starts at 7:15pm.

To contact Fafera for tickets call him at 07597 156546 or call his trainer Stephen Melton at 07943 453638.