YORK City manager Steve Watson has revealed that he is yet to name a captain for the start of the new National League North season which begins tomorrow afternoon.

Last term’s top-scorer Jordan Burrow wore the captain’s armband for York in the 2018/19 season, but the role has switched between multiple contenders throughout this summer’s pre-season.

Burrow, Sean Newton and Tom Allan have taken the role as the skipper during the friendlies, while new recruits Paddy McLaughlin, Steve McNulty and Andy Bond have been captains at their former clubs.

Speaking to the media yesterday, Watson said that he had not announced the season’s captain to the players with the season opener at Altrincham just days away.

“We’ve not told the players yet who will be captain,” revealed Watson.

“We’ve changed the armband around throughout pre-season because we’ve got a lot of leaders now in the camp.

“I don’t want to leave anybody out, but we’ve got lads like Newts (Sean Newton) and Jordan, who was captain last season.

“Paddy has been captain at his previous clubs, as has McNulty and Bondy (Andy Bond).

“Whoever we give the armband to, I don’t think it will affect the other lads one bit. I think that they will continue to carry on in the way that have been playing throughout pre-season.

“I think if you see the way that the lads have been training and you’re around them for any great period of time, you can see that they’ve got a really good spirit.

“As I’m recruiting players and building a squad, I’m always looking to build a strong dressing room.

“Whoever gets the armband, I know that every single player will be right behind them and that every player will get about their own business in the right way.

“Ultimately, and I know that it may sound like a cliche, but I want as many leaders on the pitch as I can.

“I know that it is an important issue, but it’s not a massive priority. I’ll make my mind up on a captain, a vice-captain and a club captain and then we’ll go from there.”

As aforementioned, Watson has brought in several new players and he insisted that that he’s pleased with the summer’s recruitment.

“My recruitment was done quite early in the summer and we’d done almost all of our signings before the players had started training,” the manager explained.

“But, you’re always on the lookout for that little bit of something extra or something different. That little bit of cover that you may need in the odd position.

“The trialists that have come in have helped us too as well. It gives the lads in the squad already a chance to build themselves into pre-season.

“And, of course, it does those trialists lads good as well by giving them the opportunity to impress here.

“Even if they don’t get the opportunity to stay here permanently, they’ve had the chance to train in a full-time environment and play against some very good teams too.

“I think we recruited pretty early, which is a plus as there are still other sides who are recruiting as we speak.

“We’ve managed to bring in players who had other options to go elsewhere.

“Players like Dan Maguire, McNulty, Bond, Peter Jameson and Kieran Green all had options this summer.

“I’ve pretty much got all of the players that I went after and kept the players that I wanted to keep.

“In that respect, the recruitment couldn’t have gone much better.”