RECENTLY retired York City stalwart Daniel Parslow has urged fans along to Bootham Crescent today for the final game of pre-season.

The Minstermen host Notts County (12.30pm), and a portion of the gate will be donated to the charity Headway, who have worked with Parslow as he recovers from a head injury.

Parslow, pictured, announced his retirement from professional football on Monday because of the persistent after-effects of the concussion he suffered against Hereford in February.

"It's the last home pre-season friendly before the big kick off," Parslow said. "York City are kindly donating some of the profits to Headway, who have been great showing support for people like myself still struggling with brain injuries.

"Come along and support the boys while, at the same time, helping people return to normality after those brain injuries."

The 33-year-old got in touch with Headway following the Champions League semi-final, when Tottenham Hotspur defender Jan Vertonghen substituted himself off against Ajax after suffering delayed effects of a head injury, with the charity among the most prominent voices calling for a change in concussion protocol.

Headway support people from all walks of life who have suffered a head injury, as well as campaigning to help prevent complications following a sporting concussion.

And over the course of his benefit year, Parslow will donate a portion of the proceeds from the events to Headway.

Already organised is a benefit match on Wednesday, October 9, to be played between a 'Wembley twice in a week' team and an 11 composed of Parslow's former team-mates.

There are also plans for a dinner at York Racecourse in March and a golf day, though dates for these are yet to be confirmed. Parslow also hopes to hold more intimate gatherings, such as a Q&A session.

Headway's deputy chief executive Luke Griggs said: “Concussion in football is a major issue, and one that has to be taken seriously. Daniel can testify to the fact that even a seemingly minor head injury can have a major impact, and it's vital therefore that clubs at all levels take an 'if in doubt, sit it out' approach to concussion.

"We will continue to do all we can to support Daniel with his ongoing recovery, and again offer our sincere thanks to him, and all City’s supporters, for supporting us.”

On his recovery, Parslow said: "It's been really frustrating. After the first few weeks when I didn't get better when I expected to, it's been painfully slow. The first few weeks when I didn't return to play, I learnt how serious it was.

"The symptoms are easing but I can't get over the finishing line. I'm still struggling with fatigue. The headaches are less frequent but still too often for my liking.

"Steve (Watson) said I was more than welcome to use the football club and Roko to get healthy. I'm using Roko to keep fit but playing was never offered. It was always more from a health point of view.

"I'm very grateful for it because, being 33, you've got the rest of your life ahead of you to move onto the next chapter.

"Now it's onwards to continuing to try and get healthy. I'm hoping time is going to be a healer.

"I'm still a long, long way from playing professional sport."

Of the messages Parslow received on announcing his retirement, he said: "It was humbling to receive all those well-wishes.

"I haven't long been on Twitter - I recently came on to raise awareness for Headway. It's also a great resource to share how you're feeling with fans.

"They were humbling, those lovely messages. People can see I'm trying my best and that's all I can ask for.

"We're still working really hard to ensure a great turnout," he added about his benefit match. "There's been a terrific response from ex-team-mates and it will be a great night where fans can show their appreciation for those ex-players.

"Overall, I'm delighted the benefit year is going ahead and I'm really pleased the club granted it. I'm looking forward to sharing it with all the fans who have been there along the journey at York City and I'm really excited for all the events."