YORK City have issued a correction to their season ticket age categories via Twitter.

The club released information on their website at the end of last week providing ticket details for next season.

As well as price increases across the board, ranging from £15 to £95, the under-18s age category of previous years was replaced by an U16s bracket.

However, City have said on social media that the U18s category remained intact and updated the website to reflect this. There was also a clarification for a younger age category.

A series of Twitter post reads: "Following on from yesterday's announcement regarding season tickets the club and the board would like to clarify that the U16 category should have read the U18 category and the U 2 [sic] category should be U 5's [sic].

"We apologise for any confusion this has caused.

"This means that U18s will be able to attend next season matches for as little as £4 a game, which represents excellent value and that U 5's [sic] will continue to be free moving from Bootham Crescent into the new stadium.

"The changes in categories will also be applied for those supporters wishing to purchase single matchday tickets."