YORK City boss Steve Watson has ruled out the likelihood of adding any new players before today’s transfer deadline.

The Minstermen will consequently end the campaign with the current group of players and Jake Wright is expected to return from his loan spell at this weekend’s visitors Boston United following the end of his one-month move.

Watson had considered bolstering his attacking options for the final eight games of the season, but revealed: “I don’t think anything will happen.

“We waited as long as we could for the right one to come up, but Macaulay Langstaff has come back looking really sharp and he would have started at FC United of Manchester on Saturday if the game hadn’t been called off. Jake Wright will also return, so I don’t feel I need to force the situation and, perhaps, have six or seven players sat in the stand on a Saturday.

“I didn’t want to bring anybody in who might not be any better than what we have got, because that would be a waste of time for the lad and us. We’ve got 20 outfield players training at the moment and I don’t want to cost the club money for the sake of it.”

Watson added, meanwhile, that he would not be putting Wright in an awkward situation by quizzing the 22-year-old striker on Boston’s strengths and weaknesses.

“I don’t doubt that Jake would tell us things if we pinned him in the office, but I wouldn’t put the lad in that position,” the City chief declared. “We’ve got our own scout, as well as access to their games on DVD, so we’ve seen enough of them.

“We also know that Jake has been a big part of what they’ve done over the last few games and he’s not available. Their other main striker (Gavin Allott) also went off in the last game and might not be able to play so, hopefully, we will be at full-strength and they might have a couple of worries.”

Watson also stressed that Saturday’s starting XI might not be the same he had in mind for the postponed clash at FC United of Manchester last weekend.

“I’ve always said training matters a lot and some players have come to the fore this week, whilst others might have stepped back a bit in terms of their quality, not their effort, so I dare say Saturday won’t be the same team I was about to pick at FC United,” he pointed out.

“We’ll also be having a look at the opposition’s system and, every day, your mind can change selection wise unless you are winning every week. You always have your eyes open.”

Watson went on to stress that he had been able to step up the tempo of training this week, having not had to factor in recovery time following the called-off Lancashire fixture.

“It’s been a more intense week than normally would be the case, especially Monday’s session, which would usually be tapered down a little,” he explained. “We’ve got everybody fit or fitter than they were before, which is the plan every week, and worked longer on a lot of the things that we would have been looking to implement last weekend.”

With tradition having been broken with during the last two matches as City have kicked off towards the David Longhurst Stand in the first half rather than the second, Watson stressed that he favoured taking advantage of weather conditions to ritual or superstition when choosing which way to attack.

“I’ve never really been obsessed with ends,” he confessed. “During the last couple of weeks, it’s either been down to Jordan (Burrow) or their captain and they’ve mainly been looking at the sun or wind, so I assume the players are like me, otherwise they would do everything they can to kick that way in the second half.”