JORDAN Burrow has moved level with Adriano Moke at the top of The Press Player of the Month standings for November.

The former Gateshead striker collected three points towards the contest as our man of the match during last weekend’s 2-1 FA Cup defeat at Swindon.

He also received the two bonus points available after attracting the most man-of-the-match votes from our Twitter poll.

The other points in Wiltshire went to Adam Bartlett (two) and Sean Newton (one) as our second and third-highest rated performers respectively.

During Tuesday night’s 0-0 league draw with Chester at Bootham Crescent, meanwhile, The Press points were shared out between our man-of-the-match Kennedy Digie (three), Alex Bray (two) and Joe Davis (one).

Bray topped the Twitter poll to place him one point behind joint-leaders Burrow and Adriano Moke.

The Press Player of the Year standings: Griffiths 15, Bartlett 13, Burrow 11, Heslop 9, Penn 9, Tait 9, Wright 8, Newton 7, Moke 6, Parkin 6, Allan 4, Ferguson 4, Langstaff 4, Digie 3, York 3, Bray 2, Harris 2, Law 2, Davis 1, Dyer 1, McAughtrie 1.

The Press Player of the Month standings for November: Burrow 5, Moke 5, Bray 4, Bartlett 3, Digie 3, Griffiths 2, Davis 1, Newton 1.

Goals: Burrow 6, Langstaff 5, Newton 3, Parkin 3, Tait 2, Wright 2, York 2, Ferguson 2, Harris 1, Heslop 1, Moke 1.

Assists: Burrow 6, Harris 4, Ferguson 3, Langstaff 3, Parkin 3, Law 2, Allan 1, Bartlett 1, Griffiths 1, Heslop 1, Newton 1, Tait 1, Wright 1.

Discipline: Heslop, Wright both six yellow cards; Newton four yellow; Tait one red, two yellow; Bencherif three yellow; Law two yellow; Penn one red, one yellow; Allan, Ferguson, Griffiths, Kempster, Langstaff, McAughtrie, Moke all one yellow.