HERE is the fifth instalment of our Q&A with York City’s board of directors.

City fans were asked to send in questions for the board in light of the club’s current situation in National League North and their plans for the future. Fans were allowed up to three questions each.

The first 38 such questions, and the board’s answers, have been printed in previous editions of The Press and the links are:

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Here is the final batch of questions:

Q39: Croner’s Tax Guide advises that: A claimant company (JM Packaging) may make a payment to the surrendering company (York City Football Club) for the group relief surrendered. Such payments are not mandatory but are often made, and particularly so where minority interests (York City Supporters Trust) are involved. Furthermore it advises: There is no time limit for making a payment. Why have JM Packaging never made any such payments for tax losses and would they consider doing so in future?

Paul Roberts, Stretford, Manchester

A: Although this is not a question for the football club board, the managing director Steven Kilmartin is a chartered accountant and makes the following statement: “The football club has substantial trading losses available far in excess of what will ever be utilised in the future. Any additional losses would have no value to the football club.”

Q40: Has market research been carried out into what gate receipts might be if York City were promoted to the National League, and with York City Knights promotion to the Championship? Is it likely the income from the gate receipts to the rugby and football clubs will cover the costs of the stadium rental and club's running costs if the support is approximately 3,000 and 1,500 respectively? Will added value from the retail element of the new facility be available to the stadium landlords if necessary?

Mike Race, York

A: This is not a football club issue.

Q41: What are (chairman) Jason McGill's intentions after we move to Monks Cross regarding selling the club?

Dave Cooper, Upper Poppleton

A: Please see previous answer (Q16,

Q42: Why does the board refuse to communicate with the Supporters' Trust as surely it has to be in the best interests of the club to work together.

Dave Cooper, Upper Poppleton

A: Please see statement regarding the Supporters' Trust (

Q43: Will York City ever become a "friendly, family club" where fans can be heard and respected for what they are. After all, players, managers and owners will come and go - they are merely custodians of the club, whereas the true fans are there for ever.

Dave Cooper, Upper Poppleton

A: Hi Dave, with respect, the board believes York City is already a friendly, family club and believes a number of events so far this season have also helped strengthen the relationship between the club and families. Our Open Day in the summer was a massive success, our Junior Volunteer Day was warmly received, and only last month the entire playing squad and management attended a social evening with supporters at York Burton Lane Club (Question of City Sport). We always welcome any suggestions to improve the family experience.

Q44: Why does Jason McGill and the board not look to work in tandem with the Supporters' Trust? Surely it can only benefit the club particularly following the demands of the trust’s 25 per cent (ownership).

Mark Furnass, Easingwold

A: Please refer to the statement regarding the Supporters' Trust (

Q45: When will the open forum with Jason McGill take place, bearing in mind one was planned and cancelled? Supporters obviously have many questions that need answering and that would be a perfect opportunity would it not?

Mark Furnass, Easingwold

A: The board feels this has been an opportunity for supporters to ask questions and the board are answering them as openly as possible. Don’t forget it is only two seasons ago that the board and manager attended an open forum at York Cricket Club. It is uncommon for football club chairmen to host open forums of this nature on a regular basis and we believe today’s platform is a good way to improve communication and listen to the concerns of our supporters.

Q46: Who took part in the interview procedure from the board with recent managerial candidates and who else was interviewed?

Mark Furnass, Easingwold

A: The board of directors interviewed numerous applicants and received a long list of applications from managers in and out of work.

Q47: It is claimed that one of the many benefits to the club of our move to Monks Cross is the potential to exploit new revenue-generating opportunities provided by our use of the Community Stadium. While optimistic statements have been made by the chairman and the board concerning this advantage, most fans are unclear what specific plans are in place for increasing income by this means. Could you please detail your plans and define practical ways and means for achieving these objectives (eg an outline of viable schemes which the board has put in place)?

Fans appreciate the continuing financial challenges facing York City FC. What future plans has the board put in place to ensure that the football club reduces its losses and approaches a position where it can begin to live more nearly within its budget?

I believe that both the chairman and board, as well as the majority of fans, regret the conflict and division which has soured many aspects of the life of our football club for several years. On the eve of a new beginning at Monks Cross, what initiatives can the board take in doing its bit to help heal divisions, facilitate joint working, open up communications and promote unity?

I thank the board for its willingness to listen to all those with questions and concerns, and I am sure everyone will welcome the development and extension of such communication and conversation. I look forward to hearing the responses to all our questions.

John Lacy, Horsforth, Leeds

A: Hi John, please refer to the statement regarding the Supporters' Trust (

Q48: What seems like a lifetime ago the supporters of this fine club rescued it from the unthinkable. The Trust then allowed Jason to take a 75 per cent stake. So why has he not fulfilled his obligations as far as to submit budget figures for each season along with projected losses?

Every major decision has been taken by one individual. With hindsight most of these have turned out to be poor at best. Does he accept that consulting others may have avoided some of these?

It's my opinion that this will be yet another poor season where we may scramble a play-off place if we get lucky. I believe this may well result in a drop in attendance figures when we move to Monks Cross. I recall the rugby club suffering many years ago when it moved there. People won't go there to sit in a new stadium while the team continue to struggle. Is this being considered as something which may happen next season and if not then why not?

Paul Coupland, Clifford

A: Please refer to the statement regarding the Supporters' Trust (

Q49: What are Jason McGill and other board members doing to build up a meaningful relationship with the Supporters' Trust, so that they can work together for the benefit of the club?

Alan Hudson, Middleton

A: Please refer to the statement regarding the Supporters' Trust (

Q50: The York City Supporters' Trust have made it clear they want to work together with the York City board in the best interests of the club. What are the reasons that the board will not work with the Supporters' Trust?

The club is clearly in financial trouble for a number of reasons. Is there a plan to improve this financial position?

If there is a financial plan please can the board clearly articulate, with details, what it is?

Rob Wadsworth, Casa

A: Please refer to the statement regarding the Supporters' Trust (

Q51: Do the current board believe that the choices of manager since the sacking of Gary Mills (the first time) have been positive for the club within the football world?

David Nichols

A: We appreciate your question David. As in all business decisions, some will work and some will fail. Gary Mills won promotion and led us to Wembley twice so that was a good appointment. Nigel Worthington had managed at international level and it raised many eyebrows when we attracted him to the club. He saved us from relegation and built on that by leading us to the League Two play-offs. When Nigel decided to leave, the board looked around and took advice from senior people in the game who recommended Russ Wilcox, who had just won promotion from League Two with Scunthorpe United. Although things didn’t work out for Jackie McNamara, the reasoning behind his appointment was also sound. He had managed in the Scottish Premier League with a club that had punched above its weight. He had also demonstrated an ability to develop young talent (eg Andy Robertson) and Dundee United are still reaping the financial rewards of that today. We took advice from senior people in Scottish football who felt his appointment would be a real coup for York City. Few questioned the reappointment of Gary Mills. It was an extremely popular decision but it didn’t work out second time around. Martin Gray had been recommended by Steve McClaren and had won several promotions at Darlington on a limited budget. Sometimes managerial appointments don’t work out for a number of reasons.

Q52: Does the current board accept that the concern and outrage shown by the fans prior to the appointment of Russ Wilcox was both genuine and real?

David Nichols

A: We don’t quite understand that question as the board did not sense such concern and outrage at the time.

Q53: When will the current owner engage with the Supporters' Trust for the betterment of the club?

David Nichols

A: Please refer to the statement regarding the Supporters' Trust (

Q54: To Jason McGill, I think you will remember me as being part of the original working party set up to save the club. I have nothing against you as opposed to a lot of the fans of YCFC and so my questions are just out of interest. What is the reason you are refusing to engage with the Supporters' Trust?

What are your personal plans when we get to the new stadium? Are you planning on sticking around as chairman?

Julie Maycock, York

A: Hi Julie, please refer to the statement regarding the Supporters' Trust ( Please see previous answers (Q16,

Q55: To Dave Penney, do you have any input in the team such as team selection or getting players in and out etc? There are a few players who think they have an automatic place in the team even when they are obviously not playing well. Why can the manager not see what we can see week in week out?

Julie Maycock, York

A: I have no input into team selection, training methods, or recruitment. Sam Collins picks the team, picks the tactics, and has shown he is not afraid to change his tactics during a game. Dave Penney

Q56: Have the York City Supporters' Trust offered any financial support to the football club? It has been mentioned on The Press forum by the usual anonymous posters that the Trust were willing to work with the club regarding safe standing areas. Have they offered financial support to the club on this subject ?

Mike Brown (the Supporters' Trust chairman) is also a former director of the football club. Does this make things more difficult for the club to liaise with the Trust?

The majority shareholder and owner, Jason McGill, has gone on record admitting mistakes in the past. In my opinion he has done a fantastic job in ensuring we have a new stadium to move into and has kept the club afloat through loans and his own money. I fully agree he or the board should not attend a public meeting with the fans. As I've witnessed the board or anyone supporting the board are shouted down. There is a split in the fanbase and I believe the Supporters' Trust has caused this split by a succession of anti-board feeling. Would it be advisable for Jason to give regular updates to the fanbase so he cannot be accused of alienating himself from the fans?

John Uttley, Howden

A: Please refer to the statement regarding the Supporters Trust (