HERE is the fourth instalment of our Q&A with York City’s board of directors.

City fans were asked to send in questions for the board in light of the club’s current situation in National League North and their plans for the future. Fans were allowed up to three questions each.

The first 27 such questions, and the board’s answers, have been printed in previous editions of The Press and are online at More are planned for next week, both in print and on the web.

Q28: As a match official who’s regularly around the training ground for youth team and academy fixtures, there is undoubtedly a great atmosphere around the club and, in particular, the first team. What do the club feel is the main reason this isn’t extended among the majority of fans?

Craig Atkin, Haxby

A: Dear Craig, it’s great to hear your positivity regarding the atmosphere around club. The staff, board and players all experience the same feeling you do. It is perhaps understandable the atmosphere is not always transferred to all our supporters - because results on the pitch have not been good enough. The board can do everything in its power to provide a new stadium and financial security but fans will still need success on the pitch to be happy – and we are committed to delivering this.

Q29: What are the biggest problems you expect to face with the move to the new stadium and what can be done to minimise the impact?

Yue Forth, Harrow

A: The biggest problem is likely to be transport but, as stated, the council is looking at various ways of minimising this problem.

Q30: Where does (chairman) Jason McGill see himself in three and five years' time?

Craig Atkin, Haxby

A: Hi Craig, I will be here for the foreseeable future. I see myself at the football club beyond the move to the new stadium. This was one of the pledges I made when I became involved after the actions of the previous chairman which jeopardised the club’s future. I will be taking us into our first season at Monks Cross and let’s see where that takes us. Jason McGill

Q31: Why does the club keep permitting two-plus year contracts to players who have been at the club and are responsible for relegation, some of them two. This is a huge smack in the face to fans.

Craig Atkin, Haxby

A: Mistakes have been made in the past and, again, that is acknowledged by the chairman. But mistakes happen in all businesses and in all walks of life. Please note, however, that since the appointment of the current board, a two-year contract has not been awarded to any player who joined the club prior to April 2018.

Q32: Having witnessed quite awful displays recently at Southport and AFC Telford I can only conclude the YCFC board have already written off this season’s promotion prospects with the appointment of an untried and untested manager, which I like many feel was a totally uninspiring decision. What would the board say to counter my concern? (And please no more ‘we have a top end budget for this level’, as it has been apparent the last two seasons that the players on longer contracts are simply not cutting the mustard.)

Terry Espiner, Appleton Roebuck.

A: Dear Terry, our paths have crossed a few times at various games down the years and I look forward to seeing you again. I know you are a passionate York City devotee who only wants the best for the club. I can assure you the board of directors have not written off this season’s promotion prospects. We interviewed numerous candidates, both in and out of work, and felt Sam Collins was best man to take the club forward at this time. He had previous caretaker roles at Hartlepool and coaching experience at Bradford City. During his tenure as caretaker-manager he achieved four wins and three draws out of eight games. Dave Penney has the advantage of seeing Sam’s performance on a day-to-day basis and has been impressed with his work ethic, methods, organisation, professionalism, and measured approach. Dave is an experienced football man and recommended to the board that we should seriously consider Sam who also received glowing recommendations from other senior figures in the game. Jason McGill

Q33: What plans are in place to avoid traffic gridlock at the new Community Stadium next season? I’m told there is a bus lane into the city but what is going to help with getting supporters to the stadium in a timely, acceptable manner?

Terry Espiner, Appleton Roebuck

A: Please refer to the previous answer about transport (Q29).

Q34: Why is the communication between the YCFC board and YCST so irretrievably broken? How can things have got to this impasse with such a small community club such as YCFC?

Terry Espiner, Appleton Roebuck

A) Please refer to the statement regarding the Supporters Trust (

Q35: Forty years a fan. Can you tell me how a football club who are full-time professionals can be struggling in the league they are in - professionals who have Football League experience and facilities of a league club and they are getting turned over by part-timers. Secondly it seems to me from what I am reading that a play-off place this season will seem like a success. Is this the case? Thirdly, do you honestly think the team/management we have can get us out of this league because what I am reading from other fans' opinions this won't be the case.

Andrew Westerman, Kilcullen, County Kildare, Ireland

A: Hi Andrew, it is nice to hear from a City supporter in the Emerald Isle. National League North is a very competitive division.

Rest assured, we are doing everything we can to get out of this division and will support the manager in any way possible.

Yes, we believe Sam Collins is the right man to lead us forward.

Q36: There has been a high level of secrecy with comings and goings over the past few seasons. Can somebody please shed some light on the reasons behind the departure of Sophie McGill and her father from the board? We never heard anything about it despite the two of them been massive figures within the club and liked by the fans. Why did they leave?

James Green, Bishopthorpe

A: Hi James, there is no secrecy and nothing to hide. I can tell you, categorically, that the departure had nothing to do with York City Football Club. It was the result of personal and private family matters. Jason McGill.

Q37: Linked to the above question slightly, long-serving physio and club legend Jeff Miller left the club with no announcement. What was the reason for his departure and why was no correspondence given to the fans? We thought he would deserve much more respect given his long tenure at the club.

James Green, Bishopthorpe

A: The board understands the reason for your question because Jeff Miller had, indeed, been a well-respected member of our staff for many years. He left the club by mutual consent.

Q38: Can the board justify the decision to employ and favour the infamous Jackie McNamara for so long over club legends Richard Cresswell, Jono Greening and Andy McMillan? A decision that could be seen as the catalyst of the catalogue of failures since November 2015.

James Green, Bishopthorpe

A: Jonathan Greening and Richard Cresswell both made their own decisions to leave the club. Andy McMillan was offered an alternative role at the club but declined the opportunity.

Q39: Croner's Tax Guide advises that: A claimant company (JM Packaging) may make a payment to the surrendering company (York City Football Club) for the group relief surrendered. Such payments are not mandatory but are often made, and particularly so where minority interests (York City Supporters Trust) are involved. Furthermore it advises: There is no time limit for making a payment. Why have JM Packaging never made any such payments for tax losses and would they consider doing so in future?

Paul Roberts, Stretford, Manchester

A: Although this is not a question for the football club board, the managing director Steven Kilmartin is a chartered accountant and makes the following statement: “The football club has substantial trading losses available far in excess of what will ever be utilised in the future. Any additional losses would have no value to the football club.”