HERE is the third instalment of our Q&A with York City’s board of directors.

City fans were asked to send in questions for the board in light of the club’s current situation in National League North and their plans for the future. Fans were allowed up to three questions each.

The first 19 such questions, and the board’s answers, were printed in The Press last week and are online at More are planned for tomorrow, both in print and on the web.

Q20: How has a professional football club, with no financial problems or outside issues, been allowed to be managed in such a way that it not only got relegated out of the Football League, but also straight out of the National League, into a part-time league, where it continues to struggle?

Jonathan James, Selby

A: Hi Jonathan, it is correct to say the club has no financial problems because, since 2006, it has been financially supported by the chairman. It has taken a lot of work on the part of the chairman and the board to prevent outside issues jeopardising our financial stability.

In terms of the team’s performance in the league, that is also a question the board has asked itself many times over the last three years. It is very difficult to put a finger on the exact reasons. Mistakes have been made with specific appointments - which the chairman acknowledges - but there is always the desire and effort at the start of every season to be successful. We do not plan to fail but rival clubs are also striving to achieve success. There are no guarantees.

Recruitment is always key and that doesn’t just mean a player having technical ability, they also need to possess the mental strength to cope with the pressure of playing for City in our current environment. Please be assured the board is determined to get this right. Thanks for your support.

Q21: Our group has sat together in The Popular Stand for many years now. We wish to remain together and have similar seats in the new ground. Will arrangements be made for us to do this?

Richard Wiles, Haxby

A: Dear Richard, what a brilliant group of supporters you are. And we appreciate how much more enjoyable it can be when sitting (or standing) at games with people you know. There is absolutely no reason why you will not be able to sit together at the new stadium. This can be arranged when purchasing your season tickets or when buying tickets on match-by-match basis in advance. However, there will be no areas of unreserved seating at the new stadium and, due to modern ticketing systems, every ticket will be allocated to a specific seat.

Q22: As a season ticket holder and supporter for over 50 years I applied for one of the places on the new stadium working group. I later received a reply stating I had not been successful which was fair enough, however we have not been told who was successful. I would like to see the names and profiles of the people who were accepted for the working group and the areas they will be associated with please.

Michael Hugill, Haxby

A: Hi Michael, all the names were published on the club’s official website on August 15. The chosen representatives were Cindy Benton, Adam Booker, Roy Clarkson, Eric Graham, Claire Kilmartin, Tom Poole, Bradley Saxton, Stephanie Kemp and Steve Worden.

These nine people represent a diverse range of supporter groups. Thanks again for offering your services and it is testimony to your love of the club that you were prepared to volunteer your time. If any further opportunities do arise, we will contact you and please do not regard the Stadium Working Group (SWG) as a closed shop.

Any ideas or suggestions can always be sent to the club’s operations and safety manager Chris Tock who will raise them at the next meeting of the SWG. If you know a member of the SWG and wish to raise an issue relating to the new stadium please contact them directly. Alternatively, email -

Q23: What plans are there for a special commemorative shirt to mark the move to Monks Cross? I was impressed by the red shirt with Y front used in the YCST legends game. It embodied our usual shirt colour while embracing our most iconic ever shirt design. On a wider front, what supporter research is undertaken when changing shirt design?

Chris Forth, Harrow

A: We are delighted to confirm a commemorative shirt is being produced to celebrate the club’s departure from Bootham Crescent. It will reflect the club’s history and will, hopefully, become an iconic collectors’ item. However, numbers will be limited. It will be worn by the players only once - at the final home game and should be available around Easter.

In answer to your question about shirt designs, the board discussed all new kit designs with our former supporter liaison officer who said he understood the preferences of the supporters.

Q24: Please can the club be more open with its communication. Last season, we had a three-man medical team announced; by the start of this season, one or two of them had departed, as did our head scout, Harry Dunn, and Clovis Kamdjo after failing to secure a new contract following a serious injury. It would be good to acknowledge their work and dedication during their time at the club. Why were none of these departures announced?

Chris Forth, Harrow

A: Your point is welcome and has been a topic of discussion for new members of the board who have encouraged more dialogue. Hopefully, you will see this Question and Answer as a positive step forward. We have also re-introduced a regular ‘From the Boardroom’ column in this season’s match programme.

Q25: One for Jason. You bought my YCFC Quiz Book in 2016 and New Frontiers fanzine in August. Did you enjoy them? I hope you buy the new issue of New Frontiers.

Chris Forth, Harrow

A) Hi Chris, I really enjoyed your quiz book and thanks for putting nothing derogatory in there about the club chairman! I will look forward to buying the latest issue. Jason McGill.

Q26: As a YCST member, I note the efforts this of YCST to become more active and they have promoted a series of recent events. Given this activity, what is the club doing to re-build relationships with YCST?

Yue Forth, Harrow

A: Please refer to the statement regarding the Supporters Trust (

Q27: Can you explain the situation with the management of the new stadium? How will YCFC benefit on both matchdays and non-matchdays with revenues generated.

Yue Forth, Harrow

A: The stadium management company will run the new stadium on a daily basis (both matchday and non-matchday) and is a subsidiary of York City Football Club. Revenue generated on matchdays - from various entertaining and commercial revenue streams - will benefit the football club. There are also specific days each month where the football club can promote and run its own events and will benefit from all profits generated.

Please bear in mind, Yue, that the hospitality and catering opportunities at the new stadium will surpass anything we have at Bootham Crescent. All hospitality areas at Monks Cross will also face the pitch which is fantastic.