YORK City manager Sam Collins has warned his players not to go overboard at the hotel breakfast bar ahead of their big FA Cup tie.

The Minstermen are heading to Wiltshire today and staying overnight ahead of tomorrow’s first round clash with League Two side Swindon Town.

But Collins – who admits this has been a bone of contention for him in the past – has told his team to “be careful and professional” and stick to their usual pre-match eating routine.

He said: “I was quite fortunate because all of my career, if we had a long (journey), we went overnight, so I had a really good understanding of the way you plan it.

“We thought the best thing to do was to train here (in York) early, get that out of the way to try and miss the traffic, then let the players relax and have the evening meal - but make sure they’re sensible.

"If they’re at home on a Friday night, they’re not having a three-course meal. But you might be down there on a Friday night where there’s a starter, a main course and a dessert.

“But why do that when you’re staying in a hotel? Because you wouldn’t do that at home. You’ve got to keep the same routine you’re used to doing at home.

“We’ll have a meeting (tonight) – something me and Stuart (Parnaby) normally do – then Saturday get up and have breakfast, but don’t go and think, ‘I can have cereal, a full English’ and all that.

“Whatever you do at home, you do exactly the same at the hotel, because it’s nothing different.

“Then meeting pre-match, don’t eat too much – that’s the key thing.

“I used to hate that, sitting there watching players having three and four courses because it’s there in front of you. You’d never do that at home so why are doing it now?

“I used to argue and fall out with them for that so that’s probably what I’ll be like on Friday and Saturday, saying ‘Be careful and be professional’.”