HERE is the second instalment of our Q&A with York City’s board of directors.

City fans were asked to send in questions for the board in light of the club’s current situation in National League North and their plans for the future. Fans were allowed to submit up to three questions each.

The first 10 such questions, and the board’s answers, were printed in The Press yesterday and are online at More are planned for The Press next week, both in print and on the web.

Q11: Currently there is free on-street parking near Bootham Crescent, will the new stadium have adequate (up to 1,000) free parking spaces?

Stephen Atkinson, Hamilton Drive, York

A: There will be 400 car-parking spaces available on matchdays but these are unlikely to be free of charge. Fans will be encouraged to make use of more sustainable transport options which will include car-share, walking, cycling, bus routes, and all methods of public transport currently under discussion. There will be adequate disabled parking facilities too.

Q12: Is there a long-term project in place for this owner and board to take us through the first year at the new stadium, or are all options being looked at at this stage?

Will Harris, Golf Links Crescent, Tadcaster

A: The board has plans to take the club forward for the foreseeable future. However, the board will also consider other options as they arise.

Q13: Revenue streams and additional sources of income have been mentioned when we move to the new stadium. Clearly there will also be a saving by not having to maintain a ground almost 90 years old. With both those factors in mind, what approximate figure is the board projection that the football club will be better off season on season?

Will Harris, Golf Links Crescent, Tadcaster

A: The opportunity to gather additional income streams at Monks Cross will help to alleviate the overall costs of running the club on a professional full-time basis.

Q14: Which squad players are currently under contract for the 2019-20 season?

Will Harris, Golf Links Crescent, Tadcaster

A: There are currently seven players contracted until the end of 2019-20 season.

Q15: Every aspiring business should have a five-year plan. Five years ago, the club had hauled itself out of the Conference and seemed to be making some progress. Fast forward to today and we are where we are. Board - where will we be in five years' time and what road map is in place to get there?

David Simmons, Northumbria Drive, Henleaze Bristol

A: It is difficult to project where the club will be in five years’ time as this will be dependent on success on the pitch and the success of the new stadium. There are also external factors which a football club cannot control. Looking back to 2013, we were hoping to be in the new stadium by 2016 yet, for many reasons, that didn’t materialise.

Q16: Will JM Packaging be remaining as York City majority shareholder for the first season after completion of the club's move into the new stadium, or will new investors/owners be sought?

Conor Trowsdale, Brunswick Close, Strensall

A: Hi Conor. Yes, I am staying on as majority shareholder for the foreseeable future after completion of the stadium. However, if the board ever feels there is a better alternative – one that will provide security and financial longevity and is in the best interests of York City Football Club – all options will be considered. That has always been the case and will continue to be so. Jason McGill.

Q17: What will the playing budget look like next season, will more funds be made available to recruit new players than what has been available this season?

Conor Trowsdale, Brunswick Close, Strensall

A: At this stage, it would be premature to speculate on next season’s playing budget but funds will be available to help the manager and good recruitment will be the key to success.

Q18: What plans are already in place to ensure the new stadium facilities are utilised in a revenue maximising way? For example, are there any corporate events booked or commercial agreements in place already?

Conor Trowsdale, Brunswick Close, Strensall

A: The facilities at Monks Cross will be fully utilised by the club and we look forward to exploring all commercial opportunities. The new facilities will be comparable to anything else in the city.

Q19: Because I have difficulty walking, I use a scooter. I would like to ask will there be a lift in the new stadium. I find it not easy to see a whole match at ground level. As an ex pro in the 50s, my interest is now watching my 16-year-old grandson with Fulford Lions who played and won the York FA Minor Cup at Bootham Crescent this year. Good luck this season. I would like to make a suggestion - stop all comments by supporters through The Press reports and make them comment on the club site using their correct names.

Tony Bailey, Elmpark Way, York

A: Tony, there are two lifts in the new stadium and these will provide access to all levels. The disabled viewing area is going to be excellent and we are confident you will like the facilities. The board would also like to wish your grandson the best of luck for the future. Congratulations on winning the FA Minor Cup at Bootham Crescent and let’s hope that, one day, we might even see him playing for City at Monks Cross. With regard to your suggestion about comments in The Press, we totally agree and would encourage our supporters to use their correct names on the club’s social media channels.