HERE is the first instalment of our Q&A with York City's board of directors.

City fans were asked to send in questions for the board in light of the club's current situation in National League North and their plans for the future. Fans were allowed to submit up to three questions each.

The first 10 such questions received, and the board's answers, are below. More are planned for tomorrow's Press and editions next week.

Q1: After 35 years of supporting City I have stopped attending matches this season, The main reasons are as follows. A full time team struggling to compete in a predominately part time league. General 'reward for failure' culture at the club. In particularly players who have failed two seasons in a row still getting picked

Dismissive attitude from the board and the club towards the fanbase. What is the board doing to try and win back the hundreds if not thousands of fans who are walking away from the club after years of loyal support?

Richard Adams, Shirley Street, Saltaire

A: Hi Richard. As a board of directors, we fully understand results need to improve on the pitch. We don’t deliberately start a season preparing to fail and sometimes things go against us. It doesn’t always go our way.

There are seven full-time teams and eight former Football League teams trying to get promotion from National League North and only two can be successful each season. We have always supported our managers and that continues today.

Please don’t forget we have been to Wembley five times, winning three and losing two, and had some fantastic days. We have been promoted to the Football League and reached the League Two play-offs. Admittedly, the last three years have been a struggle on the pitch but the fortunes of all clubs go through peaks and troughs.

Please also don’t forget the serious situation the club was in at the end of the 2002-2003 season. It was only half an hour from liquidation. We are now on the brink of the move to the new stadium - a facility that will hopefully bring people back in and offer far better facilities. We are also constantly engaging with people in the community through the Foundation supporting young people, dementia suffers, and promoting Healthy Eating.

When the current administration took control, we were linked to just five schools. We are now working with 110 schools in the York area, delivering meaningful community programmes.

Q2: Most of the teams in our league have alcohol available inside the ground. York City Knights have alcohol inside the ground when they play at Bootham Crescent. What is stopping York City doing the same?

Richard Adams, Shirley Street, Saltaire

A: Alcohol is available in the 1922 Bar at Bootham Crescent and in all hospitality areas. Licensing regulations which applied to the club in the Football League are still applied by the council which means we cannot provide alcohol as freely as other clubs in National League North.

Q3: Can you clarify exactly is Dave Penney's role at the club? Not just job title but duties. Is he CEO - has he effectively replaced Jackie McNamara? And what credentials does he have for this role?

Richard Adams, Shirley Street, Saltaire

A: Dave Penney is the club’s general manager and sporting director. He oversees the day-to-day running of the football club and acts as the link between the first team manager and the board. He has 33 years experience in professional football at all levels and has managed clubs in the Football League with multi-million pound turnovers. He oversees the commercial and corporate side of the business, upkeep of the training ground, the academy, youth development, and the club’s media output.

Q4: Recently you have made tiles available to purchase to be placed in the new stadium. I would like to know if you still intend to place all the named bricks purchased some years ago in the stadium as my family purchased two of these, one in memory of my grandfather Jack Topping who was a founder member of the football club.

Janet Thornton, Maclagan Road, Bishopthorpe

A: Hi Janet. The club is currently in discussions with Historic England about a project which will reflect the history of the site and leave a permanent reminder of the past at Bootham Crescent. This could involve use of the existing named bricks. Alternatively, anyone who purchased bricks are welcome to take them away. Unfortunately, the existing bricks cannot be relocated to the new council-owned stadium.

Q5: Why won't you allow the Supporters' Trust to fund raise at Bootham Crescent. All money raised is for the benefit of YCFC and they are now doing some very good work to this end.

Janet Thornton, Maclagan Road, Bishopthorpe

A: Please see the statement regarding the Supporters Trust. (Published on the Back Page of The Press and online at

Q6: If a third party offered a sum of money - equal or in excess of (majority shareholder) Mr McGill's loan to the club, would he consider selling, as long as the plan for the future of the club was laid out in a structured and sustainable framework?

Colin Usher, Spring Lane, Elswick, Bingley

A: Hi Colin. The club’s majority shareholder went through a process of putting his stake up for sale in April 2018 and received no positive responses.

Q7: What transport arrangements will be put in place to return fans to the city centre after the match. Many of us arrive by train or bus from various parts of the country.

Ray Taylor, via email

A: Hi Ray, we are currently working closely with City of York Council to try to ensure the best and most cost-effective transport arrangements are in place for our supporters. Ultimately, this is an issue for the local authority. A transport survey was also conducted among supporters at our recent home game against Guiseley and that information has been passed on.

Q8) I would like to know why I have never had a response to my various enquiries about managerial roles or opportunities to help and learn alongside management regimes that have failed in the past, as it’s clear the mentality of the club needs to change. How much does Jon Parkin weigh?

David Marsham, Goose Lane, Sutton on Forest

A) We assume that these questions are tongue in cheek.

Q9: Has a player called Mark Ellis been on trial with York recently as I have heard he is quite the prospect.

David Marsham, Goose Lane, Sutton on Forest

A) We are aware of this player but he has not been on trial with the club.

Q10: Will the new Community Stadium have a standing area that is so popular with the City fans?

Stephen Atkinson, Hamilton Drive, York

A) It was a requirement from the Football Stadia Improvement Fund that to enable the club to borrow the £2million needed to buy back Bootham Crescent from previous directors Douglas Craig, Barry Swallow, and Colin Webb, the new stadium had to be an all-seater facility. Planning permission has been granted for an all-seater stadium and any changes to that would require an amendment to the planning application.