THE first two York & District Amalgamation of Anglers Sunday Open Matches have both provided plenty of fish for those entering - although the fish seem tightly shoaled.

The first was won by W Collier with 28lb 8lb from peg 48 closely followed by Tim Harrison with 26lb 12oz from peg 49. J Bywell (peg 36) was third with 19lb 2oz and Mark Leslie fourth from peg 61 with 18lb 4oz.

Most of the 62-strong field brought fish to the scales and Collier and Jim Jordan won the pairs event with a combined weight of 29lb 5oz.

The second match was won by N Millstead from peg 29 with 17lb 12oz closely followed by N Thewlis, from peg 10, with 17lb.

Despite the low levels of the Ouse, most of the 38-man field caught with 9lb 4oz needed to win a section.

These open matches have been proving so popular that two more have been arranged for July this Sunday and Sunday, July 22. To enter, text Tim on 07971 534029, or phone after 6.30pm, or email

The final YDAA Junior Match will be held on Laybourne Lakes (Brown’s) on Saturday, July 21, with the draw at 10am.

Anglers are asked to register online at or email Jeremy Preston at or phone 01904 670259 or 07791 023908.

Numbers are strictly limited and places will be offered on a first come first served basis. No entries will be accepted on the day. All competitors must be accompanied a responsible adult.


Burtonlane WMC AC

Widdington: B Coombs 6lb 13oz, A Humble 3-14, M Thompson 2-12, B Clark 2-01, J Thompson 1-11, R Thompson 1-09, D Thompson 0-07.

Clifton Hotel (York) AC

Langwith Lakes (Emma's pool): 1 R Darling 31lb 5oz, 2 A Hayes 30-10, 3 S Hardy 25-0, 4 T Leak 23-9, 5 I Hardcastle 23-3, 6 A Liddell 114, 7 K Thompson 8-13, 8 J Seymour 7-9, 9 P Foster 7-8, 10 S Greenwood 7-1, 11 R Hutchinson 5-9, 12 R Dykes 5-3. 15 fished.

York DAA Veterans

Laybourne Brown's, Under-75: 1 D Collinson 14lb 0oz, 2 K Keane 10-0, 3 R Bond 88, 4 P Rooks 5-15; Over-75: 1 T Ventress 5lb 2oz, 2 F Harvey 5-0, 3 D Findlay 3-8, 4 J Collier 2-10. 22 fished.

Shepherd Angling Club

Rawcliffe Bridge (June 30): 1 A Moult 10lb 0oz, 2 P Webster 9-14, 3 S Pattison 7-6, 4 P Birch 5-12, 5 M Graves 4-9, 6 D Liddle 4-6.


Saturday, July 7

No bookings.

Sunday, July 8

Ouse: York & District Amalgamation of Anglers Sunday Open Match.

Poppleton (Moatfield) & Sellars’: Burton Stone lane WMC AC.

Wednesday, July 11

Laybourne Lakes (Marley Pool), all pegs: YDAA Veterans' match.

Saturday, July 14

No bookings.

Sunday, July 15

Laybourne Lakes (Marley Pool), pegs 37-52: Cygnet AC.

Poppleton (Moatfield) & Sellars': New Earswick AC.

Saturday, July 21

Laybourne Lakes (Brown’s): York & District Amalgamation of Anglers Junior Match, 10am draw.

Sunday, July 22

Ouse: York & District Amalgamation of Anglers Sunday Open Match.