KEIGHLEY Cougars prop forward Brad Nicholson faces a potential ban of at least eight games for his part in the controversial incident that saw York City Knights’ Connor Robinson helped off the pitch in Sunday’s League One match.

Former Knights player Nicholson has been hit by the Rugby Football League’s disciplinary chiefs with a Grade ‘F’ charge of contrary behaviour. The charge normally carries an eight-game or a period suspension.

His tribunal will be heard on Tuesday, July 3.

Robinson had been caught by a high shot and, when on the ground, appeared to be manhandled by Nicholson before being treated by medics and helped off the field.

Nicholson was sin-binned for the second time in the game, which the Knights won 46-14.

Robinson is now doubtful for this Sunday’s home game against Newcastle Thunder due to concussion.

After the match at Cougar Park, Ford described the incident as “outrageous” and labelled the Keighley players a “really ill-disciplined and grubby bunch of blokes”.

Referring to the high tackle, Ford today said: “Honestly, it’s not the worst I’ve seen, but that doesn’t change anything – it’s still a high tackle.

“It’s a foul. I think that’s probably enough – I don’t think just the tackle itself is a yellow or red card.

“Players can get concussion without the other player being sent off, it was just the overreaction from Keighley afterwards, and I’m sure they’ll learn from it going forward.

“I said my piece with regards what I thought about Brad on Sunday and I’m sure they will deal with it appropriately to protect players’ safety and to make sure they’re not put at risk by such actions.

“In Brad’s defence, I don’t think he will have thought it through and aimed to do something dangerous.

“I don’t think he’s a bad guy, and if he is charged with it, I hope he learns from it and can come back to play a part for Keighley.

“He’s shown that he’s a good player, and that he could be a really good player – that’s one thing I’ve spoken about, that if he can brush up, he could make himself a good player.”