YORK City Supporters Trust are planning to provide an estimate of the level of funding they can offer the football club during the 2018/19 season.

The Trust have also declared that they would be ready to sanction further loans to the club from majority shareholder JM Packaging to help cover the six-figured operating losses that are again anticipated for the final campaign at Bootham Crescent.

City chairman Jason McGill – the owner of the club’s Malton-based parent company – recently stated his intention to provide further financial support on an interest-free loan basis over the next year.

The Trust have suggested in an official statement that they would approve that additional assistance from McGill and contribute funds themselves towards running costs subject to a professional review after being shown a copy of the 2018/19 budget.

The statement read: “The Trust continues to maintain that, like any successful business, the football club should aim to operate within its means and not rely solely on further borrowing from the majority shareholder. The Trust accepts that there are challenges in achieving a break-even budget in the short-term.

“We nevertheless remain committed to developing a long-term plan for a sustainable, profitable and community-focused club with meaningful participation by the fans and Trust at all levels of governance. To assess how we may assist, the Trust has contacted the club’s financial consultant Pete Rookes to obtain a copy of the budget for the 2018/19 season.

“We have indicated that, subject to a professional review, it is the Trust’s intention to provide: 1) The required authorisation for additional loans from JM Packaging in respect of the 2018/19 season and it should be noted that such authorisation is required under the terms of the legal agreements (2007) between JM Packaging, York City Football Club, Jason McGill and the Supporters Trust.

2) An estimate of what financial contribution the Trust may realistically be able to make during the season.

3) The terms upon which the Trust can contribute to the budget and the extent to which the Trust board and fundraising team will have the co-operation and facilitation of the club board and administrative staff in all its endeavours.”