YORK City supporters liaison officer Phil Howden has clarified comments in which he described the club as a “horrible place to work”.

Howden has also given the reasons behind why he will be voting against the proposal for the Supporters Trust to hand over their 25 per cent stake in the club to 75 per cent majority shareholder Jason McGill, arguing that it is time for the fans to take some responsibility off the chairman’s shoulders.

In a statement made on Facebook, with a link from his official SLO Twitter account, Howden said: “As an employee of the club, I have to tell you it’s a horrible place to work. Poor appointments have made our lives a misery.

“Praise about the Foundation makes us laugh because they must have turned over one hundred staff in five years. If that was your business, wouldn’t you be worried?

“I resigned five weeks ago. I am only here for you the fans and was persuaded to stay on because there is no-one else, apart from a couple, who have the connection with the fans that I hope you respect.”

Placing those comments in context to The Press, Howden went on to add: “The atmosphere at the club has been very difficult due to the level of hostility the staff often face and it’s hard to build a team when there’s such a high turnover of staff. Poor appointments refer to the whole seven years I’ve been at the club, more than the current incumbents.

“I’d love to know how many different staff I’ve worked with. It is a horrible place to work, but I stick with it, because I am passionate about the fans.”

Offering his thoughts on McGill and the shares issue, Howden’s statement to fellow City fans read: “As your supporter representative, a position I am very proud to hold, I would like to start by saying that I am not a member of any supporters group and, despite being paid money to do my role (mainly working in the ticket office and doing things that normal people are paid for), I am a lifelong supporter who gives 100 per cent of every minute of every hour of every day. Having worked for York City for a total of seven years in various guises, I feel I know the likes of Jason McGill, Rob McGill and Sophie McGill very well in better times.

“The McGill family are amazing people who have made a massive contribution to this amazing football club. I have to say that, contrary to the comments of (Football Supporters’ Federation chairman) Malcolm Clarke, I do not believe that Supporters Trusts are a credible way of running a football club.

“This is a 'modern football' AFC Wimbledon-style folly. Football clubs should be run by philanthropists from the local community - end of story.

“The man in the street does not have the cash, and why would we? These are the people who would love to see an AFC York.

“They genuinely make me sick. We have to fight to save our club, but let’s at least appreciate that Jason McGill is a good guy with the best interests of the club at heart.

“I’ve worked for him for seven years and have never had a problem.”

Explaining his plans to vote No in the ballot that will take place at Millthorpe School on Thursday, March 22, Howden told The Press: “I am in favour of fans taking responsibility off the chairman’s shoulders.

“It’s time for collective responsibility which should make fans more at the heart of the club. I am speaking for the fans and not against anyone.”

In response to Howden’s statement, a club spokesperson insisted: "York City Football Club believes it is the prerogative of any individual to express their opinions. When looking into Phil's reasons for making his statement, he has raised some interesting questions relating to the Supporters Trust.

"We are happy that Phil remains part of the off-the-field team at York City and is helping the football club through a difficult and challenging time."