THE York & District Table Tennis Closed Championships this weekend will see 82 players competing for 22 trophies at the York RI gymnasium.

In the Men's Singles, Martin Lowe (Coneysthorpe), a nine-time champion, is the top seed, ahead of a duo from York & District League leaders Topspin in Joe Wright and Yoni Caspi. University of York’s Calum Goodwin is fourth seed.

Lowe is also top seed in the Veterans' Singles, with Andy Fletcher (York RI) seeded second.

Caspi and Wright are top seeds in the Men’s Doubles.

Cancan Zhang (University) is seeded number one in the Ladies’ Singles, with Anne Barnard (York RI) seeded second.

Barnard and Andrea Potter (Clarence TTC) are the top seeds in the Ladies’ Doubles, while Aidan Ranftler (Clarence TTC) and Marian Broadbent (BT) are top seeds in the Mixed Doubles.

Mikey Arnold (York RI) is seed number one in the Junior Singles, with clubmate Arthur Sorley second. Sorley is the top seed in the Cadets’ Singles.


Men’s Singles (holder - Martin Lowe): 1 Martin Lowe, 2 Joe Wright, 3 Yoni Caspi, 4 Calum Goodwin, 5 Filip Wojtkowiak, 6 Aidan Ranftler, 7 James Atkins, 8 Peter Cowburn.

Ladies' Singles (Clara Bellstedt): 1 Cancan Zhang, 2 Anne Barnard.

Men's Doubles (Martin Lowe/James Rule): 1 Joni Caspi / Joe Wright, 2 Martin Lowe / Joel Wright, 3 Nathan Taylor / Andy Kirk, 4 John Farmery/Aidan Ranftler.

Ladies' Doubles (Anne Barnard/Clara Bellstedt): 1 Anne Barnard/Andrea Potter, 2 Rachel Langhorn/Sarah Turner.

Mixed Doubles (Marian Broadbent/Jon Wooldridge): 1 Marian Broadbent/Aidan Ranftler, 2 Tia-Louise Payne/Calum Goodwin.

U11 Singles (Alex Widdup): 1 Alex Widdup.

Cadet Singles (Arthur Sorley): 1 Arthur Sorley, 2 Sam Lowe.

Junior Singles (James Rule): 1 Mikey Arnold, 2 Arthur Sorley.

Veterans' Singles (Martin Lowe): 1 Martin Lowe, 2 Andy Fletcher, 3 Richard Crowther, 4 Jeff Cohen.

Veterans' Doubles (Jeff Cohen/Andy Fletcher): 1 Jeff Cohen/Andy Fletcher, 2 John Farmery/Martin Hood, 3 Mick Kenyon/Alfie Potter, 4 Richard Crowther/Andy Kirk.

Super-Veterans' Singles (John Farmery): 1 Jeff Cohen, 2 John Farmery, 3 Alfie Potter, 4 Keith Webster.

Over-70s Singles (-): 1 Keith Webster, 2 Peter Harpham.

Div 1 Singles (James Rule): 1 Joe Wright, 2 Calum Goodwin, 3 Filip Wojtkowiak, 4 Aidan Ranftler.

Div 2 Singles (Calum Goodwin): 1 Alfie Potter, 2 Martin Hood, 3 Aidy McClaren, 4 Tom Thorp.

Div 3 Singles (Stephen Temple): 1 Arthur Sorley, 2 Peter Smalley, 3 Jan Suchecki, 4 Gary Bunce.

Div 4 Singles (Jacob Martindale): 1 Doug Muirhead, 2 Ollie Kossoff.

Hard Bat Singles (John Farmery): 1 Filip Wojtkowiak, 2 John Farmery.