YORK City boss Billy McEwan has praised Press Player of the Year Craig Farrell for his "110 per cent work ethic".

Former Exeter striker Farrell was presented with his award from The Press this week after finishing four points ahead of nearest rivals Neal Bishop, Clayton Donaldson and Martyn Woolford in the player of the year table.

The 24-year-old forward, who played with torn muscle fibres in his thigh for the last two months of the season, has also been rewarded for his efforts with the offer of a new contract at the end of his first season at KitKat Crescent.

About his performance throughout the season, McEwan said: "He's done very well and, although he will be the first to admit that he should have scored more than ten goals with the situations he's got into, he's contributed to a number of goals we have scored. His work ethic has been very good and he's done well for the team.

"He has proven he's a 110 per cent player and has come into a new set-up which isn't always easy. He will enjoy his break and he's deserved it because he's worked hard for the cause.

"I look forward to him trying to score more goals next season because he's got a tough act to follow."

Farrell, who joined City from play-off finalists Exeter last summer, admitted that joint Press runner-up Bishop was his selection as the club's Player of the Year.

He said: "I think he was absolutely magnificent especially since the turn of the year. He's got the lot really and is capable of playing at a higher level. We voted for him as players because we know what he gives us."

Skipper Manny Panther finished fifth in our competition after a strong end to the season, which saw him collect our monthly awards for April and May.

He follows previous winners Donaldson (August), Darren Craddock (September), Luke Foster (October), Woolford (November), Jason Goodliffe (December), Bishop (January, February) and Farrell (March).


Farrell 36 points, Bishop 32, Donaldson 32, Woolford 32, Panther 28, McGurk 24, Goodliffe 15, Bowey 14, Evans 13, Peat 13, Lloyd 11, Craddock 9, Parslow 9, Foster 8, Convery 7, Kovacs 7, McMahon 6, Brodie 5, Dudgeon 3, Purkiss 2.

May Player of the Month final standings: Panther 5 pts, Parslow 4, Woolford 3, Bishop 2, Bowey 1, McGurk 1.

Goals: Donaldson 26, Farrell 10, Bowey 8, Woolford 8, Bishop 3, Panther 3, Convery 2, own goal 2, Peat 2, Brodie 1, Goodliffe 1, Kovacs 1, McMahon 1.

Assists: Donaldson 13, Farrell 10, Woolford 9, Bowey 7, Bishop 5, Panther 4, Convery 3, Brodie 2, Craddock 2, Purkiss 2, Dudgeon 1, Elvins 1, Goodliffe 1, Parslow 1, James 1, Lloyd 1, McMahon 1, Peat 1, Stamp 1.

Bad boys: Craddock 1 red, 7 yellow; Peat 1 red, 5 yellow; Donaldson 1 red, 4 yellow; Bowey 1 red, 3 yellow; Farrell, Panther both 4 yellow; Bishop, McGurk, McMahon all 3 yellow; Dudgeon, Evans, Greenwood all 1 red, 1 yellow; Elvins, Goodliffe both 2 yellow; Convery, James, Kovacs, Lloyd, Purkiss, Stamp, Woolford all 1 yellow.