A Helmsley woman committed suicide by taking a drug overdose, an inquest in Scarborough on Monday was told.

Barbara Lesley Mankin, 57, of Canons Garth Mews, Helmsley, was found dead at her home on February 25, the North Yorkshire East coroner Michael Oakley, heard.

Christine Heap, her partner of 22 years, said Ms Mankin suffered from obsessive compulsive disorder and had been having treatment for the condition, including medication.

On the day of her death, Ms Mankin had asked Ms Heap not to go to work, but she assured her she would be all right.

Ms Heap told the inquest: “Since her mother died in 2009, she had talked of suicide.”

During the day, Ms Mankin had phoned Ms Heap and asked her to get a bottle of her favourite wine.

Ms Heap said: “I got her three bottles, as well as steak and cherries which she liked, before I went home.”

She told the inquest Ms Mankin had bought some birthday cards to send and said: “There were signs that she might be adjusting.”

When she found Ms Mankin on the bedroom floor she thought she had fallen out of bed.

Police later found seven empty pill boxes next to an empty wine bottle.

Mr Oakley recorded a verdict that Ms Mankin killed herself while the balance of her mind was disturbed.