FOOTAGE of a UFO in North Yorkshire has led to the north of England being dubbed the world’s leading hotspot for strange sightings in the sky.

The pictures of the mysterious object were snapped in Osgodby, near Scarborough, on Sunday evening and follow a recent surge of spooky sightings in the region.

Reports of UFOs have also come from Whitley and Hemingbrough, near Selby, as well as in Harrogate, with the latest footage being sent to a national newspaper by Paul Sinclair after his son-in-law captured it on camera.

He said: “It really looks like a flying saucer.

“Crowds of people saw it. There’s definitely something happening here.

“There appeared to be two objects, one with a hooked tail, the other disc-shaped.”

Ex-Ministry of Defence UFO expert Nick Pope said: “At the moment, the north of England seems to be having more than its fair share.

“Arizona has been famous for lots of sightings, but it seems the north is now overtaking it.”