Weather forecasters have predicted that the sunshine is mostly here to stay.

The good news is, the sun is expected to shine for most of the week in York, according to the Met Office, with tomorrow (Wednesday, May 17) predicted to have the warmest temperatures.

The forecasters have predicted some scattered and isolated showers towards the end of the week, but thankfully not any heavy or long lasting rainfall.

York Press: Today's weather forecast for YorkToday's weather forecast for York (Image: Met Office)

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Here is the weather forecast in full:

Today and tonight: Today is predicted to be warmer than yesterday with a maximum temperature 16 °C. Following the sunny start to the day cloud will build over this afternoon. By the evening, some patchy drizzle is possible and it will feel chillier, with a minimum temperature 6 °C.

Wednesday, May 17: The day will have a chilly start but then the temperature will pick up with the maximum temperature 17 °C. It will be a fine day with both cloudy and sunny spells. There may be a few isolated showers in the afternoon, but otherwise it will be dry.

Thursday, May 18: There may be patchy rain early Thursday morning but it will clear and be a fine and dry day with sunshine.

Friday, May 19: It is predicted to be cloudier with scattered showers.

Saturday, May 20: There will be sunny spells, with clouds developing later in the day.