ALL those involved in last night's battle to prevent significant flooding in Norton and Malton have been thanked for their efforts.

Cllr Keane Duncan said: "Decisive action in face of the emergency has been able to prevent the significant and widespread flooding feared last night. The plan put into action to deploy pumps and sandbags to the Wallgates Lane area has worked effectively. Its success reflects the hard work, perseverance and resourcefulness of all the workers involved. A big well done to staff from Ryedale District Council,

North Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service and the Environment Agency.

"The gravity of the situation last night, though, can not be underestimated. I saw first hand the work on the ground that prevented the worse case scenario from occurring and just how tough it was for everyone involved. This period has been the most challenging for us since the flood defences were put in.

"I visited affected areas once again this morning to thank workers personally, speak to residents and get an update on the situation. Work will continue today, overnight and over coming days to keep things under control and support any resident in need of help. On behalf of the community, I want to say thank you again to all of the workers who played a part in the effort."

Flood warnings remain in place for Mill Beck at Welham Road Norton, the River Derwent at Norton and the River Derwent at Old Malton.  These will stay in place while the river remains high.  The overall position in Malton, Norton and Old Malton demains fragile, but has stabilised.

The River Derwent has now peaked, but due to the slow-responding nature of the river, levels are likely to remain high for several days.  Ground water is expected to take longer to subside.

Multiple agencies are working in Malton and Norton to manage the impact of flooding.  29 pumps are currently in place in key locations and these will remain in place and operational until river levels have receded sufficiently and ground water has been reduced.

There is an issue where seepage has occurred under a flood defence wall at the end Wallgates Lane in Norton. The flood defence wall has been assessed and is stable. Operational teams have deployed sandbags to help slow the flood water.  Pumps have been put in place and the level of flood water is being managed.

Road closures continue to be in place in Castlegate, Norton Road (Blackboards) and Church Street.  County Bridge is closed.  Closures are expected to continue well into next week.  Pedestrians, cyclists and drivers are urged to respect road closures and not try to navigate around them.  

As waters subside, surface water on roads and pathways is turning icy and extra care is advised when walking or travelling.  Gritting will be carried out where possible, but dealing with flooding remains the priority.

Ryedale District Council officers have been out in Malton and Norton during today to check on residents' welfare, especially in the most affected areas.  Residents who need help and support due to flooding, or who are unable to leave home due to flood waters and need help with basic shopping or medicine collection can call the Council's out-of-hours line on 01653 697737.  If there is a direct and immediate emergency please call 999.