MALTON Fire Station is looking to recruit on-call firefighters.

These firefighters are members of the community who are paid to provide an on-call service, responding to emergency calls in the same way as full-time firefighters.

They also use the same appliances and equipment, are "on-call" from their primary employment, rather than at a fire station.

A spokesperson for North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue (NYFR) said: “On-call firefighters are a vital part of today’s fire and rescue service. Apart from a few hours a week for training sessions and to carry out other pre-arranged duties, on-call firefighters only attend the fire station when they have received an emergency call-out.

“Each on-call firefighter carries a pocket alerter, which is activated when they are required to support an emergency incident."

The spokesperson added: “They should be aged between18 and 60, female or male and no previous experience is required as comprehensive training and uniform is provided.”

For more information, phone Malton Fire Station on a Tuesday between 6.30pm and 8.30pm and ask to speak to the watch manager Craig Steeley or one of the crew managers, phone Scarborough and Ryedale recruitment & training watch manager Jon Wilson on 01609 780150 or 07817 485024 or go to