A PHOTOGRAPHER has published his second book dedicated to his passion for birdwatching.

David Swann, from Pickering, has produced Birds: A 1st Collection of Photographs of the different species which settled in his garden.

He started his career by taking landscape photographs of North Yorkshire scenery, but changed his subject following the announcement of lockdown in March.

“During the national lockdown, I was unable to get out and about - so I had to find another way of using my camera,” said David.

“I began taking photos of the birds in my garden and after encouraging more birds into the garden using bird feeders, I grew more fascinated each day about the many technical techniques of bird photography.

“I read books and watched instructional videos, learning about composition and lighting.

“I started practising in my own back garden.

“Since then I have travelled a little further and I have become obsessed with the many different aspects of bird photography.”

David is a retired teacher who spent most of his time writing and performing folk songs alongside the Thornton-le-Dale Ukuleles.

Stumbling across photography two years ago, David decided to take a step back from music to pursue his passion by publishing his first photography book, called My Yorkshire Year in 50 Photographs.

“Photography has already made me begin to explore more of the beautiful landscapes and events of my home county of North Yorkshire,” said David.

“It has taken me to places I have never been before and it has made me look at familiar places with completely new eyes.

“I am delighted to be able to share the results in this first collection of my favourite photos that I have taken in 2020.”

You can buy a copy of Birds: A 1st Collection of Photographs for £10 directly from David by emailing davidswann1@hotmail.co.uk

Local delivery is free, otherwise it is £4 each for postage.